2017, What a year it was!

2017 Will be a year to remember. Moving to the north shore in Auckland, further course design for Yoga teachers training programs, creating a 300 hour program that was approved by Yoga Alliance, U.S. Traveling to India to immerse myself again and expanding my Yoga offerings to the wider community through kirtan and mantra events. Whew…. I’m inspired… all thanks to my steady home practice and connection to my source of inspiration which brings me so much stability, strength, calm and inspiration. Grateful for the depth of the yogic teachings and to be able to share them with you. 2…… 0………1………7 2 - Professional expansions: Designing and leading the Teachers Training programs at both Kawai P


Even though the last couple of months have been super full, life in my ashram taught me many things like the skill of staying calm despite juggling many demands. I've learned the art of how to achieve quality rest and relaxation through this simple pose of Shavasana. Just 5 mins out of your day where you settle the body comfortably along the floor to reduce the input to the senses and then 'switch your focus' to the natural and spontaneous breath. Using your hands is an effective way to establish a steady rhythmical breath and notice where in the body your breathing naturally takes place. This posture and breath awareness brings one into a state of 'presence' and builds inner resilience.

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