Dahl-licious! A Delicious Tasting Dahl

When I first discovered yoga, I found this soupy fragrant meal to be deeply nourishing, satisfying, and a little bit thrilling—that moment when your body/mind register an affirming “Yes – this is so good for me”. As an inexpensive vegetarian and simple-to-cook protein, this staple is loved by not only yogis but by many. Dahl—which derives from the Sanskrit word dhal and means “to split”—appeals to yoga practitioners because it’s considered a nutritious part of a sattvic, or pure, diet. It’s an ideal food for those looking to create balance in their bodies and lives—like yogis. In India, a watery, spice-free moong dahlis usually a baby’s first food because it’s easy to digest and nutritious.

Ancient Wisdom for the Modern World

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