No Throwing Pebbles Allowed

There is a sign parked beside a pristine calm lake. It reads ‘No throwing pebbles allowed! It seems to be a stark message next to the majestic blue oasis that sends out soothing waves to all who reach its sublime shore. The calm lake represents our mind-lake in a state of balance and positivity. A state that enables us to know and connect with our centre and remain buoyant in life, that resists getting stuck in negative mind-loops. We know what happens when those negative pebbles hit the mindspace. They send ripples of turbulence, that if entertained and identified with lead to choppy waves of agitation and retaliation. While ripples and waves are a natural experience of life and will alw

The Bright Side Of Your Garden

Stay on the bright side of your garden. Satsangs with Swami Niranjanananda are always food for the soul. Satsang means to sit together and share in truth. In his recent satsang a simple yet useful and encouraging statement was shared. ‘Stay on the bright side of your garden’, it still resonates like an echo. The garden is a metaphor for our human nature. Our nature is the foundation of our existence and it is like a garden. There are a variety of plants to nurture and grow, removal of weeds and pests and all the effort that goes into creating the right conditions for it to thrive and ultimately express its bounty and beauty in life. The challenge of working with our human nature, much lik

Ancient Wisdom for the Modern World

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