Meditation course

auckland city

Mahi Yoga

489 Khyber Pass Road
Newmarket, Auckland 1023

When: Wednesdays, 18 November–16 December, 6-7pm

Where: Mahi - New Yoga space.

Investment: $108 

Casual spots available if space: $20

Limited to 12 places (book early to secure your spot)

Book in directly through Mahi Yoga

Awakening tools for inner peace


Meditation is a powerful practice that has the potential to benefit everyone. As an antidote to stress and tension, meditation plays a pivotal role in getting to the root cause of tension enabling insight and a gradual process of transformation. Creating an optimal meditation experience relies on preparing well and following a well-proven system.

In this five-week course Sannyasi Pragyadhara will use accessible mantra chanting to shift mental and physical states, and hatha asanas to develop flexibility in the hips and knees and to increase postural awareness. 

Honouring the yogic process of moving from gross to subtle including preparatory, you’ll learn pranayama techniques before arriving at meditation.

Whether you are starting from scratch, have some experience in meditation or you are an established meditation practitioner, this course will meet you where you are at.

Small numbers allow for close guidance, personal input and for a focused and supportive group energy to form.

Aum Shanti, Pragyadhara

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