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Strength & flexibilty Yoga


Thursdays, Pure Yoga Home Studio

9.30 am - 10.45 am

​In person. Online by request

$180 - 8 week block, Pre paid

$27 Casual attendance, one off classes

strengthen your practice
deepen your connection

This course is particularly good for Yoga Teachers, graduates of Yoga Training, steady practitioners & those looking to deepen their practice through layering asana with subtle body connections such as pranayama, mudras & bandhas & meditation elements 


Classes are designed to be in tune with the seasons and natural ebb & flows of nature reflected in our daily lives.

Each week the class is themed around one of the centres of the energy system & its link with the body, breath, mind & spirit. 


Course booklet included with self reflection questions for each week

Each week the class is themed around one of the main energy centres exploring the interface between body, breath & mind & how that translates into our actions, thoughts & feelings.

All the elements of a complete class & weaved together & shaped to the needs of the group 

  • Mantra Chanting for grounding & receptivity

  • Hatha based asanas used as awareness tools to awareness to different layers of our Being.

  • Sequences to energise & balance the different centres -  learning to direct awareness & breath consciously

  • Detoxifying pranayama are used as per the season and level of the group.

  • Yoga Nidra - Deeply restorative & meditative is integrated into the course

  • Meditation - 3 Core practices explored.

You will find these classes structured, progressive, inspiring & energising, with the positive effects rippling out into your life



Week One

The root - Grounding & Balance

Week Two

Foundations & Flow - The sacral centre

Week Three

Building Strength & Purifying pranayama - The centre of dynamism

Week Four

Connection & Receptivity - the heart centre


Week Five

Purification & Communication - the throat centre

Week Six

Receptivity & Intuition - the command centre

Week Seven

Integration & Wholeness - Higher centre


Week Eight

Bringing altogether & Home Practice Elements

Mantra Chanting


Gayatri Mantra
Mahamrityunjaya mantra
Durga Path (32 Names)
Opening & Closing Shanti Path

Pranayama practice

Pranayama:& mudras & bandhas

Kapalbhati - Purification Breath
Nadi Shodhana building ratios
Ujjaiyi - Psychic breathing to deepen

Bandhas - Energy locks
Mudras - Energy circuits

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