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Group Hatha Yoga Class

Dates: Ongoing through-out the year

Time: 6.15 - 7.30pm, Online via Zoom & In person

Location: Pure Yoga Home Studio, Torbay

Limited to 10.

Price: Course fees vary depending on length of course.

Casual spots if places. $20

Hatha Yoga - A complete system

Join this beginner friendly course and build a solid foundation in yoga with attention to personal alignment and breath integration as the backbone to all yoga practices. Deep relaxation and meditation are included for a well rounded holistic practice.

Build core strength, release tensions and understand how to correct poor breathing habits. How to extend the principle of awareness into everyday life ‘off the mat’ to counteract stress and tension.
Links to home audio recordings and plenty of inspiration and motivation to get you going!
Inspire yourself to improved health and well-being that is lasting, empowering and fun.

Suitable for all levels especially beginners.

Mats and equipment supplied but feel free to bring your own if you prefer. 

This course is ongoing throughout the year, usually run in 10 week blocks.

I look forward to connecting

Aum shanti Pragyadhara

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