restorative yoga course

Dates: Tuesdays 17 Nov - 22 Dec 2020 

Time: 6.15 - 7.30 pm

Location: Online on Zoom! 

Price: $120 (6 Week Course)

Info & Bookings:

Casual attendance available by email request, $20

Face to face option available on request - Limited numbers apply.

Less Stress More Zen

Join me online from the Pure Yoga ocean-side sanctuary to bring more zen into your life. 

Less Stress more zen has been created with your needs in mind bringing together a series of accessible Hatha yoga postures including supported poses, guided breathing techniques and the deeply restorative and meditative experience of Yoga nidra.

Hatha based asanas and flows and supported poses to ease the joints, build digestive health and release energetic blockages. 

A range of specific breathing techniques will be layered in that further add to relaxation and create autonomic balance.

Integral to this course is the progression through Yoga Nidra - a deeply relaxing and transforming meditation practice that delivers many benefits from relieving physical stress to reducing mental tension - often the root cause of imbalance


I’m passionate that you have the tools to bring more calm into your life so will share resources and inspiration on how to embed yoga bytes into your day.

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Aum Shanti, Pragyadhara

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