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yoga nidra & restorative yoga course

one to one restorative yoga

Dates: Tuesdays 13 September - 15 November

Time: 6.15 - 7.30 pm

Location: Pure Yoga Home Studio, Torbay & also Online via Zoom. 

Price: $215 - 10 Week Course

Casual: $25 - if spaces available

Info & Bookings:

Limited to 9 places face to face – book in early to secure your spot.

Access to a private WhatsApp group & home practice resources

Zoom recordings available.

restorative yoga nidra

Restorative Yoga Course & Yoga Nidra

Enjoy life in the slow lane...


Everyone deserves deep relaxation and inner peace. Everyone can benefit from slowing down and tuning into bodily sensations and the power of ones breath. Everyone has an inherent reservoir of energy that when accessed can assist with healing, shifting body/mind states and deeper transformation.


To have the tools to change body and mind states and to be able to let go from daily stressors is a gift that you can give yourself and inspire others with.


This course is particularly good for beginners.  It features progressive Yoga Nidra – a profound relaxation and meditation practice designed to support release of tensions not only physical but also mental, emotional tensions and subconscious fears and stored trauma.


I have practised and taught this technique for twenty years and can ensure you that you will be guided systematically in a safe and supportive environment.

Benefits of Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra

  • Induces relaxation to relief muscle tension and body stiffness

  • Supports the body's ability to find & strengthen homeostasis improving heart rate variability.

  • Ability to relax consciously - you can take yourself into a relaxed state when you need it.

  • Held postures help reduce fascial restrictions and can enhance organ function through the gentle massaging affect.

  • Conscious breathing affects brain rhythms and supports the nervous system to integrate sensorial inputs

  • Mental fatigue, tension and stress are one of the main underlying causes of mental & energetic imbalances.  Gaining insight into these underlying patterns of stress is the first step in a cycle of change.

  • Healthy lifestyle habits are the key to ongoing wellness.  Yoga nidra & restorative yoga are easy to learn with the support of class experience & access to audio resources.


Join me in person from the Pure Yoga ocean-side sanctuary or online via zoom and infuse your life with real tools that make a difference.

Small numbers allow for close guidance, personal input and for a focused and supportive group energy to form.

I’m passionate that you have the tools to bring more calm into your life so will share resources and inspiration on how to embed yoga bytes into your day.


I look forward to connecting with you in the Zen Zone!

Aum Shanti, Pragyadhara

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