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restorative yoga courses

Dates: Tuesday 5 November - 17 December

Time: 6.15 - 7.30pm

Location: Pure Yoga Home Studio, 23 Gilberd Place, Torbay, Auckland

Price: $140. Casual attendance available $23 per class (please email one day in advance for availability)
Details: Limited to 9 places.

Join this summer restorative course to reclaim stillness and peace and find your true centre.


This restorative course is suitable for anyone looking for quality time for themselves. Yoga postures are selected and sequenced to help restore balance and build energy. To improve joint mobility and health, to build core strength and inner resilience.  Different breathing techniques (pranayama) will be introduced and used to deepen relaxation and inner awareness. Yoga Nidra - a deep relaxation and meditation practice that delivers many benefits from relieving physical stress to unraveling mental patterns. Meditation -  Yoga nidra is an accessible, safe and systematic way to learn how to meditate and you get to do it lying down!


Our yoga practice best serves us when we can apply in daily life.  We will explore how to embed yoga bytes to bring balance and calm throughout your day.

Mats and equipment supplied, but feel free to bring your own. Audio recordings for the practices are available to support personal practice and integration.