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Yoga Classes/Courses & Events

Beginners to Advanced

Online & In person 

Pure Yoga offers a range of holistic Yoga courses which include core elements essential to a well balanced practice -  Asana, pranayama and relaxation/meditation.  Specialty workshops, small group & one to one tuition, customized & bespoke retreats, Teachers  Training and yogic lifestyle integration tools designed to help you achieve your wellness goals and meet you wherever you are on the yogic journey.  Pure Yoga caters to a broad range of needs, levels and populations believing that everyone can benefit and that the yogic system is designed for all.

SEPT - Oct

Breath in Meditation_edited.jpg


for Modern Minds


Mondays 6:15pm -7:15pm

Online via Zoom & In person

6 Week Course

12 September - 17 October

Price: $130.00

Casual class $25

13 Sept- 15 NOV

Restorative Yoga

 Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra

Tuesdays 6:15pm -7:30pm

Online via Zoom & In person

10 Week course

13 September - 15 November

Price: $215.00

Casual class $25

SEPT - Nov weekly


morning mantra & progressive



Wednesdays 6.30 am - 7.45 am 

Online via Zoom & In person

Price: $127.00 x6 Class Block

$167.00 x8 Wk Block

Casual class $25

First saturday of each month 5: 30 pm

Mantra meditation


First Sat of the Month

5:30 - 7 pm

In person


20.00 Prepaid

Bookings by Email

Upcoming training & events

yoga lifestyle traiining 2022

Teachers Training Meditation

Yogic Lifestyle Sadhana Training

Pure Yoga Home Studio, Torbay, Auckland

 Taking the yogic journey one step further by connecting back to the roots of yoga as a lifestyle and aligning with lineage based wisdom. 

Deepen into sadhana (personal practice)

Develop practices from the classical systems of Yoga to broaden your practice. 

Incorporate Yoga lifestyle practices

Grow alongside others in a connected community. 

2022 Sunday Dates: 


Start: 17th & 31 July

Aug: 14 & 28th 

Sept:  11th + 25th

Oct: 09th & 23rd 

Nov: 06th - Havan/Certificates & closing.

Existing Yoga Teachers with Yoga Alliance. U.S can claim YCEP points. 


For an info booklet & any questions

Aum shanti - Pragyadhara

yoga Day - Yantra workshop

Sat 22 October

Yantra Construction Day

Yantra Yoga Day 

Construct, Colour & Connect

Sacred Geometry reflects the innate patterns of the universe to continually seek harmony and balance

By constructing these sacred forms (Yantras) the mind & psyche are affected at the archetypal level where the collective unconscious resides

By working with these vibrational patterns we assert an influence on our own & in the process a subtle tuning takes place

These days form a direct link with the various layers of our Being, bringing to light or conscious awareness our personal patterns of thinking, feeling and expression

The whole process enlivens us to our inner world bringing new insights & receptivity

Join us for a day of construction, colouring and connection to your sacred creation

Aum shanti 

Impressions of a Yoga day with Pragyadhara

See my signature workshops here.

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