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 Going Deeper

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Minds

The focus will be on ‘Energy’ and the ‘Mind’- exploring the relationship between the two using the breath as the bridge. When we can recognize our inner states and draw on tools to enhance or bring balance to that state then we can we start to live more fuller and conscious lives.

Pranayama Masterclass

Date: Sat, 22nd May, 2021
Time: 11.00am - 2pm
Location: Tauranga Yoga centre, 173 Elizabeth St, Tauranga, 3110

Price: $60 paid in advance by 12 May , $75 after this.
Details:  Limited to 25 places. 

Bring your own yoga mat.  Props and blankets are provided.

Book in:

Masterclass Elements

  • Using the medium of the breath as a tool to unwind tension, establish healthy patterns of breathing and build towards more specific techniques for particular effects.

  • Prana & Pranayama in practice & theory.

  • Embedding Yoga bytes through breathing practices.

  • Asana - close breath synchronization & working with breath to access the pranic/energy body.

  • Mantra as a tool that can be layered into pranayama

We will discuss practical ways to integrate these practices to compliment or build on your existing one drawing out their benefits and application.

I look forward to connecting again

Aum shanti Pragyadhara

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