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Hatha Masterclass - Whakatane

This immersion is designed for yoga practitioners wanting to maintain inspiration, Yoga Teachers looking to deepen their practice and is also suitable for complete beginners. There is always something to work on, return to or develop further in a self practice.

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Date: Sunday 23 May, 2021
Time: 11.00am - 2.30pm
Location: Ancient Arts Centre.  The Strand, Whakatane

Price: $60 pre paid.

$70 after this.
Details:  Limited to 25 places. These events sell out.


Masterclass Map

Looking forward to connecting again to bring fresh inspiration through a close up exploration of breath, breathing mechanics and accessible practices that dismantle tension & reset breathing habits.

Emphasis will be on connecting with breath closely during asana & how to build a systematic progression through different pranayama techniques. The connection between prana & pranayama. 
Asana, meditation & relaxation components to balance out practice and work with the Hatha Yoga system more precisely. 
Suitable for beginners to more experienced practitioners & Yoga Teachers. 

I look forward to connecting

Aum shanti Pragyadhara

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