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Yoga & Meditation Event

Ritual Cafe & Yoga, Waiheke Island

Sunday 22 Jan, 12 - 5pm

A special curated Yoga & Meditation Event designed for you to usher in clarity in direction, purpose and energy to move forward in life. We would love to share this with you.

Hatha Yoga Class

Yoga for Energy

Holistic Hatha - All levels

  • Relaxation

  • Energy building sequences

  • Breath-work/Pranayama

  • Develop one pointed concentration

  • Embody the principles of meditation as a lasting & sustainable lifestyle tool

Establish & maintain a home practice that will bring rejuvenation & balance, the cornerstones to manifestation.

Meditation Event

Meditation for Insight

Be expertly guided in meditation & self analysis practices that will light the way forward bringing clarity & direction to your mind & heart.

  • Let thoughts find a creative expression

  • Listen to the voice of the heart

  • Find & anchor into your sankalpa - personal resolve towards positive change

  • How to engage with your sankalpa 

  • Resources for continued practice


Yoga Nidra for Peace

  • Have you ever wondered why Yoga Nidra is so profound? 

  • Its a practice that takes awareness into the different layers of our existence (koshas) & can reveal to us a clearer sense of our authentic self.

  • Go inwards easily using this fully guided, systematic practice that gives you access to intuition & clarity

  • How to utilise your sankalpa in daily life & how to strengthen it

Enjoy some sacred sips of homemade chai from Ritual cafe

4 Belgium Street, Ostend, Waiheke Island 1081

$108 p person paid by

15 January


Email to join us

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