traditional hatha course

Dates: Thursdays 02 July - 27 Aug 2020 

Time: 6.15 - 7.15pm - In Person

Location: Yogashala, Kawai Purapura Yoga Retreat

Price: $180

Casual spots available by email request.

Created for steady practitioners, Yoga teachers looking to deepen their practice through pranayama and meditation. Teacher trainees and anyone practicing who is looking to transform in a systematic and safe way under an expert and highly experienced teacher.

Not suitable for complete beginners. (See my other courses available)

This popular course brings together a classical blend of the best of Hatha Yoga - Asana, pranayama, meditation and mantra chanting.
Drawing on the depth of this traditional system to transform the body and mind you will build on foundational knowledge and experience and understand more of the yoga philosophy & practical yoga psychology behind the practices. This course is designed to connect you with the transforming power of a steady Yoga practice.

This 9 week course includes;​​

  • Asanas selected and sequenced to embody the qualities of each chakra

  • Pranayama techniques; Nadi shodhana, Kapalbhati, Ujjaiyi, 5 prana vayus,      breath retentions, mudras and bandhas to concentrate prana

  • Meditation techniques; antar mouna and ajapajapa which utilize breath and cultivating the witness.

  • Mantra chanting - Opening & closing and related to each energetic centres - chakras.

  • Yoga philosophy and yoga psychology

  • Home practice guidance, links to resources and ongoing mentorship.


Registrations open:


I look forward to sharing these amazing tools with you so that you are empowered to take your yogic journey further. 

Aum Shanti, Pragyadhara

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