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Hatha & Mantra

Hatha Auckand Yoga

Mantra & Hatha Wednesday Mornings

Dates: 26 Oct - 14 Dec

Time: 6.30 am - 7:45 am

Location: Pure Yoga Home Studio/Live on Zoom.

Price: 8 Wk Block - $167, prepaid

Casual: $25 if spaces available

In Person & Online



mantra meditation
Meditation Hatha
Mantra Tuition

Progressive Mantra & Hatha Morning Class

Energise Body & Mind 

Starting your day off with clarity and energy is one of the best things you can do to set yourself up for a more productive day.  

The combination of these powerful systems will bring energy & clarity, setting you up for the day/week ahead. 


Classes include a selection of asana focusing on Surya Namaskara a dynamic sequence that balances the autonomic nervous system and helps to restore balance to your body systems and their function. Pranayama practices to energize and build inner resilience and meditation as the peak.

Asana: Warming up the major joints and releasing stiffness and tightness. Spinal health sequences.  Inducing the free of flow of energy and building strength and flexibility through the dynamic sequence of Surya Namaskara - Sun salutation.  

Pranayama is where yoga really begins to shift energy and mind states.  There are many techniques starting with natural breath awareness, abdominal breathing and yogic breathing.  Depending on the level of the group other more stimulating techniques are introduced. 

Gayatri Mantra x11
Mahamrityunjaya mantra x11
Durga Path (32 Names) x3 

Opening & Closing Shanti Path.

Copies of the mantras & supporting audio files for learning will be emailed to new students.


Chanting mantras in the morning is an ideal way to generate a positive vibration within yourself and the environment you live in, boosting immunity at both the cellular and mental levels.


The benefits of sound healing through mantra are:

  • Reduced stress by bringing the mind to one pointed focus

  • Fewer mood swings

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Lower cholesterol levels

  • Better pain management

  • Induces the relaxation response

Set yourself up for the best day ahead.

Aum Shanti, Pragyadhara

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