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Meditation & Yoga

Auckland Yoga Courses


Yoga Courses & Classes


  • Classes include Meditation &  Pranayama (guided breath-work), Yoga Nidra and yogic lifestyle practices.

  • The goals are to instruct, guide and mentor – to get alongside people, tune in to what they need and allow them a grounded, supportive space to transform in a natural way. 

  • Empowered through a Yogic lineage, which has kept alive the Yoga Vidya.  Bihar Yoga is an authentic authority making accessible to the modern world the wisdom of the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Tantra and Samkhya systems.  

  • Whether you are are newcomer or on your way to becoming a Yoga Teacher  Pure Yoga, based on the North Shore has you every step of the way of your journey.

I look forward to connecting with you

Studio visits welcome 

Hari Aum tat sat


Yoga classes & courses

Home Studio Pure Yoga

Yoga classes (online & in person) for the complete beginner, intermediate and more advanced student.  Drawing on the depth of classical Hatha Yoga the classes include asana (postures), breath awareness techniques. Sound healing meditation using mantra and kirtan are part of Pure Yoga's offerings.

Incorporated into the class are a range of meditation techniques including the profound practice of Yoga Nidra – deep relaxation.

NZ yoga events & workshops
mantra meditation

Pure Yoga travels through-out New Zealand (NZ) bringing yogic tools out into the community; Beginners, Yoga Teachers & practitioners wanting to deepen their experience & embed yoga more into their lives.

Customize your retreat package or book one of the specialized retreats or workshops/masterclasses covering a range of topics. (Meditation, Pranayama, kirtan & Mantra)

Yogic lifestyle immersion experiences and going deeper into the practices.  Yoga for stress management, corporate settings, anxiety and depression, sports and fitness and enhancing creativity and wellness.

Havan - Vedic fire ritual, for special ceremonies.

One to one Hatha Yoga

Yoga Training for Teachers

Teachers Training Pure Yoga

Pure Yoga has designed a unique in-depth yoga training bringing together twenty years of immersive experience on the Yogic path & ten years of Teachers Training experience. Drawing on the breadth & depth of the classical systems that the Bihar Yoga Tradition uphold this training will expand yogic horizons;

  • Exploring the Subtle bodies in practice and yogic theory. (Kosha, Guna, Chakra, Prana)​.

  • How to engage with asana as a dynamic form of meditation.  How to deepen into the energy bodies.

  • Mudra, bandha and mantra in Asana. 

  • Pranayama - Vitalizing, balancing, tranquilising, Yogic breathing & layering pranayama with bandhas.

  • Sanskrit & Mantra chanting - Sanskrit pronunciation audios & mantra worksheets, leading mantra chanting & home sadhana.

  • Student manual and access to a resource hub and Dropbox resources. 

  • A conscious & connected community that is on the journey with you. 

one to one yoga 

One to one classes are a powerful way to initiate change efficiently, to receive direct input that meets you where you are at and to benefit from ongoing mentor-ship and personalised guidance.

If you are a complete Beginner, new to Yoga, recovery from injury or well on your way to becoming a Yoga Teacher, Pure Yoga can mapout the next steps.

These sessions are held at my home yoga studio overlooking the ocean at Long Bay/Torbay, North Shore, Auckland as-well as online via Zoom.

Email to book in:



Where is your studio located?  

Pure Yoga Home studio is located in Torbay, Long Bay on the North Shore of Auckland.  It is a fully equipped studio space next to the ocean with high quality Manduka Yoga Mats, custom hand-made bolsters, blankets & meditation cushions. Pure Yoga strives to source eco friendly, natural based products and support local businesses.

Do you teach beginners Yoga?

Yes, Pure Yoga offers local and online beginner yoga courses for those new to Yoga. Courses focus on building foundational skills in alignment and conscious breathing.  Courses are designed for newcomers over a series of weeks which allows for individual attention and practices that build confidence, flexibility, mobility and strength.  These courses will set you up to progress further into the Hatha system and to be able to continue at home if that is your goal. For entry level students the restorative yoga and yoga nidra courses are recommended.

Do I need to be near you to do your courses/classes?

Pure Yoga is based on the North Shore in Auckland & teaches local and online classes via zoom, with access to recordings for registered students. 

Do your Yoga Classes include Meditation?

Yes, Meditation forms an essential part of each class and a variety of systematic techniques are included.

What type of meditation do you teach?

Pure Yoga is grounded in years of meditation practice and training in the classical forms of meditation that are aimed at building the specific skills of meditation and extending these into everyday life so that transformation occurs in a gradual yet lasting way. The techniques include both dynamic and static forms of meditation that prepare the body and mind for inner work.  Specific techniques that help to embody relaxation, stillness, witnessing the mind, utilizing breath and energy include; Yoga Nidra, Body stillness, Steady Gazing (Trataka), Inner silence (Antar Mouna). How to use a mala for meditation and gaining a clear understanding of different energy systems and its influence on mental patterns (Vrittis, Samskaras).

What do the Yoga Classes Involve?

Each class is holistic in nature including physical postures (Asana), guided breathing (Pranayama) & Meditation components.  Pure Yoga is passionate about supporting people to integrate Yoga into daily life so shares tips and resources to help you build sustainable tools.

Does Pure Yoga offer Teachers Training?

Yes,  Pure Yoga has been training teachers for the last 10 years in the classical based Hatha, Raja, Mantra, Bhakti Yoga systems, mentoring students and is currently the Program Advisor for Kawai Purapura Yoga School (RYS), 200 Hr & 500 Hr Programs.

Do you run Yoga classes outside of Auckland?

Yes, Pure Yoga travels to locations around NZ bringing speciality workshops, masterclasses & yogic lifestyle events to communities, Yoga studios & corporate settings.

Do you offer one to one yoga guidance?

Yes, Pure Yoga has experience working with clients with health challenges, psycho-somatic based imbalances, anxiety, depression, common injuries, beginners through to advanced practitioners. I have trained Yoga teachers since 2009. I combine my vast yogic knowledge and experience plus 20 years of dedicated practice and yogic living to create a session that works for you.


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