Meditation for modern minds

Dates: Mondays 02 Aug - 27 Sept, 2021 - 9 Weeks

Time: 6.15 - 7.15 pm - In person

Location: Pure Yoga Home Studio, Torbay

Price: $180

Casual attendance available if places available

Online via zoom option - available by request.

$20 per class.

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New Event: Meditation Retreat!

Sat 4th & Sunday 5th December at Kawai Purapura Yoga Retreat

This retreat is equally suitable for beginners & advanced practitioners. 

Exploring a range of accessible meditation techniques that embody the skill-set of what meditation consists of; relaxation, witnessing the mind, concentration, unblocking energy and strengthening reflective capacity in daily life. 


Preparation of the body - Energy release practices.

Breathwork & pranayama - Autonomic balance

Yoga Nidra - Deep relaxation/Lying meditation

SWAN - Jnana Yoga for finding your sankalpa (personal resolve towards positive change).


This weekend is practice focused, building practical skills that reduce stress, build resilience and enable the tools of yoga to grow in your life so that you can live with more harmony and balance. 

Tickets on Eventfinder.

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Meditation Course - Cultivating Inner Silence.

Being able to observe the mind without getting caught up in its stories and dramas is an art that can be developed and one that the science of yoga delivers systematically and safely.

Being the witness or drashta – seer of yourself is a core tenet of Yoga and an empowering life skill to embody. When you are able to observe the mind without reacting to its content, this creates new neural pathways, releasing habitual tendencies to re-act rather than respond. Suspending reactions frees the mind and opens up new avenues of choice and autonomy. You can often see the bigger picture and are more in touch with an authentic sense of self.

Some of the benefits this practice brings;


* Reduction of mental tension often the cause of headaches, poor sleep, digestive issues and psychosomatic imbalances.

* improved ability to concentrate

* Defrag from the constant daily input into the senses and mind

* Better ability to tune into ones intuition and higher mind

* Develop objectivity – disentanglement of binding thoughts

* Insight into mental patterns – knowing the mind

* Developing understanding and discrimination

* Reducing impulsive behaviour

* Mental peace and equanimity

* Easily implemented in daily life once you know how to practice it.

* Building a life-skill of a growth mindset.


Yoga Nidra (embeds deep relaxation and trains the foundational skills of meditation). It will be utilized as a core practice in preparation and as a stand-alone meditation practice.

Accessible asana to prepare for sitting with ease.

Pranayama (Breathing techniques) to balance the nervous system and prepare the mind for meditation.

Whether you are starting from scratch or dabbled or have an established practice, this course will meet you where you are at. Small numbers allow for close guidance, personal input and for a focused and supportive group energy to form.


I look forward to connecting

Aum Shanti, Pragyadhara