Private YOGA tuition

There are a number of reasons why you would invest time in a private yoga session:

Health and healing

  • To assist recovery from an injury or health condition - A personalized program would include holistic practices drawn from the Satyananda yoga system to support healing.

  • Stress relief - understanding and addressing the unique causes through best fit practices


Starting yoga

  • Beginners interested in understanding and building confidence in the fundamentals of yoga before attending classes

  • If you have been away from the mat and need to bridge back into regular classes with confidence


Self development

  • Looking to expand your personal practice to include pranayama and meditation elements

  • Transforming mental patterns

  • Going deeper on the yogic journey to awaken spiritual connection



  • Yoga teachers wanting to extend the depth of their practice

  • Teaching guidance - student support skills, the business of yoga, passing on the essence of the teachings

Yogic lifestyle

  • How to apply yogic principles and philosophy (dharma, rituals, routines, self-study)

  • How to implement practices in daily life - cleansing routines, grounding/balancing/energize/restorative practices.

  • Develop a personal sankalpa - intention for your yogic journey and how to reinforce it


Location: Pure Yoga home studio, Torbay or at your home in and around Auckland

Price: $100 per hour session. 

5 Sessions package $425.00  

10 Sessions package $820.00

Initial 30 min consultation by email or phone call is free.

Studio consultation $75 per hour.  Additional call out fees apply.


"I have received guidance and support from Pragyadhara in regards to

establishing and maintaining a home practice and have benefited from using

her audio recordings of specific practices.​ I continue to derive inspiration for my

growth from her wealth of in-depth knowledge and experience. 

- Christina Te Kaha, Bay of Plenty

"I highly recommend Pragyadhara's one on one sessions, especially to those who are looking

for more than just the physical side of yoga. It only took one session to have such a significant impact on my personal yoga life journey. She listened to my needs and structured a program that was manageable with my busy lifestyle. I was amazed at how much information 

Pragyadhara gave me and the follow-up email was thorough.

- Bayan Khadem, Auckland

"I first came across Pragyadhara at a workshop she ran in Motueka 3 years ago and since my return to Auckland 2 years ago I have attended her weekly yoga classes, yoga days, workshops and had some private tuition. She has been a transformational part of my yoga journey in all aspects, spiritually, mentally and physically.

Pragyadhara has guided me on my journey with an understanding of where I am at, and has always been extremely generous with advice and suggestions to deepen and strengthen my knowledge of yoga and assisting me to transform my life. Pragyadhara lives her Yoga and is an embodiment of her teachings in practise and I would recommend her to anybody wishing to deepen their Yogic practise."

- Doug White, Auckland

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