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Mantra Hatha


Wednesdays Ongoing - Starts 19 April

6.30 am - 7.45 am

​Online on Zoom, in person by request

$150 - 6 week block

$27 Casual attendance, one off classes

progressive hatha & mantra

Start your day off by instilling a positive vibration into your whole Being through accessible Mantra Chanting.  Mantras induce a protective field both within the practitioner & the environment around them.  

Hatha Yoga is a complete system that generates awareness through the balance of physical & mental energies.  Asanas are used as awareness tools to activate higher states, improving the health of the body systems and their functions.  Taken further, asana are a form of compressed energy that interacts with our own.  By journeying with these forms a new health promoting patterns are induced.  This brings lasting change and benefits well beyond the mat. 

This course is particularly good for Yoga Teachers, graduates of Yoga Training, steady practitioners & those looking to deepen their practice through adding in pranayama & meditation elements.

Hatha System


Week One

Earth - Solid Foundations

Week Two

Earth - Feet, Hips & Lower Body

Week Three

Water - Movement, posture, alignment

Week Four

Water - Fluidity, grace, emotional links


Week Five

Fire - Energy, dynamism, willpower

Week Six

Fire - Heat, metabolism, digestion, organ support

Week Seven

Air - Breath work & Pranayama


Week Eight

Air - Energy locks - Bandhas & Mudras


Week Nine

Space - Integration - Meditation 

Week Ten

Space - Integration - Meditation - Recap Course

Hatha Teachers Training
Mantra Chanting


Gayatri Mantra
Mahamrityunjaya mantra
Durga Path (32 Names)
Opening & Closing Shanti Path

Pranayama practice

Pranayama:& mudras & bandhas

Kapalbhati - Purification Breath
Nadi Shodhana building ratios
Ujjaiyi - Psychic breathing to deepen

Bandhas - Energy locks
Mudras - Energy circuits

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