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Auckland Hatha Masterclass

Hatha Masterclass

  • 65 New Zealand dollars
  • @Mahi Yoga Studio

Service Description

Hatha Masterclass - Explore Energy - Expand the Mind In this masterclass Yoga Educator and initiated Yogini Sannyasi Pragyadhara will guide you through systematic practices that purify and balance the subtle body (chakra system). A range of techniques will be explored including Mantra chanting, specific asana both static and dynamic, pranayama, bandhas (energetic locks) meditation and Yoga Nidra. This three-hour workshop is a window into our energy body – pranamaya kosha. How it forms a bridge into antar ranga – the inner limbs of the eight-fold path of Yoga (pratyahara, dharana & dhyana). How pranamaya kosha is the key to further transformation. This workshop will appeal to Yoga Teachers & steady practitioners who are wanting to strengthen their existing practice by expanding into these classical based practices. You will derive from this focused yet relaxed class, taking the time to register subtlety and anchor into stillness & grounding. How to build a sustainable and transformative home/self practice. Yoga Philosophy & subtle anatomy theory will be weaved in to bring context to your experience and meet you where you are at on the yogic journey. Whether you are starting from scratch, an experienced practitioner or are a Yoga Teacher you will take something away with you.​ I look forward to connecting with you. Aum Shanti, Pragyadhara

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Pure Yoga Home Studio 23 Gilberd Place, Torbay, Auckland, New Zealand

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