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Yoga Teacher Training January Graduates

Congratulations to these aspiring yoga teachers who have been on an intensive training moving through the eight limbs of yoga with focus and enthusiasm. They have worked hard mostly on themselves discovering their strengths and working on weaknesses and fine tuning their ability to hold space and communicate clearly. Their community classes taught were a test and the pressure had built up. With all of this on their shoulders and their minds full of so much information they stepped up and did beautifully. A group that has bonded and grown together and will share these memories and future hopes together.

Be a humble student and you will always learn - that is the best way to become a sincere teacher. You can only transmit that which you have embodied yourself so look for opportunities to integrate and apply yogic knowledge and wisdom.

The highest yoga is service to others - that is the ultimate aim, destination and goal. Yoga awakens an expanded attitude towards life and brings immense joy.

Aum Pragyadhara

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