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Auckland Yoga Retreats & Workshops

Over the years I have developed signature workshops - a holistic blend of practices that support where you are at on your yoga journey; helping you build a balanced home practice or learning practices to de-stress, deepening into yogic processes, moving beyond the physical postures - Asanas. Guided breathing techniques and intentional pranayama for specific effects.  Systematically guided Meditation & Mantra or participating in an ancient Vedic fire ceremony for healing & purification of ourselves and the environment & to build a collective supportive energy.


Get in touch to customize your own yoga package. All workshops can be booked as a private event or group booking. 



Aum shanti


One to one yoga tuition, fitness, flexibility, range of movement, stretch, posture

Build your home practice

Evolve & Expand further

Building a safe and sustainable home practice is one of the most rewarding aspects of progressing in your yoga practice. The ability to hold yourself in the practices requires an embodiment of personal alignment, breath integration, maintaining inner focus and knowing which practices to incorporate. Through ongoing exploration and refinement your yoga practice brings all the tools you need for health and vitality.

Attuning to the benefits and effects of the practices enables you to formulate a unique blend of practices that suits your needs. You will feel empowered with the tools to maintain balance and energy day to day rather than having to wait for the once a week hit at the studio. A consistent yoga practice takes time to build, regularity and from time to time, revision. We will take an honest look at where we are at and what the next steps from here are. Resources to get you up and running or to continue from where you are will be shared. Audio recordings available.

This workshop is suitable to all levels – from complete beginners to advanced as well as yoga teachers, as there is always something to work on, return to or develop further.

Location: Various yoga studios, spaces and retreat centres
Suitable for: beginners, advanced students, yoga teachers

Bookings and enquiries: email

Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra


Deep relaxation with Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra

Take time to turn inwards and create inner space to heal, release tension, balance out energy and nurture our inherent wholeness with Yoga Nidra and restorative yoga. We will move through Hatha based asanas and flows to ease the joints, build digestive health and release energetic blockages. A range of specific breathing techniques will be layered in that further add to relaxation and create autonomic balance.

Integral to this immersion is Yoga Nidra - a deep relaxation and transformative meditation practice that delivers many benefits from relieving physical stress to reducing mental dissipation - often the root cause of tension. The workshop  will end with soothing group mantra chanting. You will leave feeling deeply nourished and ready for life ahead.

The workshop includes:

  • Sound and resonance as relaxation tools

  • Hatha postures & flows

  • Pranayama for healing and relaxation

  • Yoga nidra -deep relaxation and inducing a meditative state

  • Mantra meditation - activate, balance and calm

  • ​Take home - Links to my audio files of Yoga Nidra & breathing techniques

Location: Various yoga studios, spaces and retreat centres
Suitable for: all levels, no yoga experience required

Bookings and enquiries: email

Mantra tuition, private, one to one sessions, mantra, kirtan, meditation, sanskrit


Transcending the Mind

This workshop contains many elements of working with sound and mantra to create and sustain a daily experience of relaxation, peace and expanded awareness.​

Man-tra means ‘free the mind’ and is part of the yoga practice we call Bhakti yoga (devotional yoga). By chanting mantras you create a sound vibration in your body and it is a beautiful way to open your heart. 

Learn the art and science of chanting mantras:

  • Mantras for healing and awakening energy like the Gayatri mantra

  • Sanskrit scales, Nada Yoga – Sa Re Ga… to attune to and awaken your inner awareness

  • Kirtan and Bhajan – Connect with inherent joy and peace and co create a meditative and uplifting environment

  • Develop a home practice using mantra or infuse your existing practice with mantra to deepen it

Location: Various yoga studios, spaces and retreat centres
Suitable for: all levels, no yoga experience required

Bookings and enquiries: email

Vedic Fire Ceremony, Havan, kirtan, sacred space, community chanting

Havan fire ceremony

The fire of Transformation

Havan is an ancient Vedic fire ceremony where 108 rounds of the universal mantra for healing are being chanted. As we offer to the fire transformation takes place - within us and around us.  It is a powerful practice to offer to the fire what no longer serves us and to connect with and balance our surrounding environment.


Contact me if you would like me to conduct a Havan in your home. The mantra will be Mahamrityunjaya mantra chanted 108 times.  

Location: At your home, various yoga studios, spaces and retreat centres
Suitable for: all levels, no yoga experience required


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