Mantra - kirtan

Monthly Kirtan Night - Sing Your Heart Open

Every second Tuesday of each month - Yogashala, Kawai Purapura Retreat Centre, Albany, Auckland

7.30 - 9.00pm.

Monthy:  The Yoga Ground | Level 1, 56 Surrey Crescent | Grey Lynn | Auckland

Kirtan means ‘free the mind’ and is part of the yoga practice we call Bhakti yoga (devotional yoga). By chanting mantras you create a sound vibration in your body and it is a beautiful way to open your heart. As you sing with each other you experience a deep connection with yourself and the other kirtanists. Kirtan has roots in India, so many of the songs are in Sanskrit. This allows you to immerse in the sound, no words to distract the mind. The magic of the chants can then carry you within where connection with peace and calm are inevitable. Kirtan is the the yoga of the future!

Kirtan - Vedic fire ceremony

Mantra mini workshops & intensives

Location: Various yoga studios and retreat spaces

Suitable for: all levels, no experience required

Description:  These mini workshops & intensives contain many elements of working with sound and mantra to create and sustain a daily experience of relaxation, peace and expanded awareness.
Learn the art and science of chanting mantras:

  • Mantras for healing and awakening energy like the Gayatri mantra

  • Sanskrit scales, Nada Yoga – Sa Re Ga… to attune to and awaken your inner awareness

  • Kirtan and Bhajan – Connect with inherent joy and peace and co create a meditative and uplifting environment

  • Develop a home practice using mantra or infuse your existing practice with mantra to deepen it

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