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Kate McLeay (Hawkes Bay)
I have been a student of yoga & meditation for many, many years and a teacher now for the last 7 years. I've been blessed with the most amazing teachers from various traditions who have each given me special gifts. I was so lucky to begin my 500 hour teaching journey with Pragyadhara this January in a restorative yoga, breathing and yoga nidra course at Kawai Purapura. This and the proceeding study have provided the gateway to the most phenomenal shift in my personal practice and teaching. 


Pragyadhara embodies yoga for me. A font of traditional wisdom imparted with deep humility and expertise. 


I am grateful for the opportunity I had in working with Pragyadhara. I will be back for more. You should too.

Felicity Pyne (Auckland)

I have practiced yoga for 10 years now trying different styles in different countries and in different languages.

I started with Pragyadhara when she arrived back in New Zealand after her extended residential immersion in a traditional yogic lineage, India (2012 – 2015). The many years of dedicated learning and practice of a pure yogic life was immediately obvious. There is nothing contrived, fashionable or on trend about her classes. Her use, understanding and knowledge of Sanskrit is evident and conveyed in her teachings. She knows and transmits yoga deeply and with a degree in educational teaching she delivers her knowledge with natural intuition and sincerity.

Pragyadhara is a gift to anyone wanting to learn authentic classical yoga. She is a pure, spiritually orientated and naturally gifted teacher.

Tracey McKay (Auckland) 

I met Pragyadhara three years ago when she returned to New Zealand after living in Australia and training in India.


She continues to immerse herself in the Satyananda tradition and share her knowledge and passion for yoga in an accessible and authentic way. She is an excellent teacher, inspirer, yogini and effectively shares how to integrate the systems of yoga into daily life. She brings a tradition and purity through her classes and teaching and is able to share her breadth and depth of experience clearly and compassionately.


I have recently studied under Pragyadhara on a nine-day intensive course and was blown away at her teaching of Asana, Breathing Techniques and Yoga Nidra. She continues to inspire me and keeps me on my path. I am grateful to have her in my life.

Christina Te Kaha (Bay of Plenty)

Sannyasi Pragyadhara has been my yoga teacher since 2006 when she started teaching after her return from her intensive yoga studies in India.  She is still my teacher and continues to guide, support and mentor me.

I attended her regular weekly classes and regular workshops covering more specialized areas such as meditation, pranayama and cleansing practices.  I have received guidance and support from her in regards to establishing and maintaining a home practice and have benefited from using her audio recordings of specific practices.

I continue to derive inspiration for my growth from her wealth of in-depth knowledge and experience.   Now after 5 years of a consistent home practice I am excited that I will be able to undertake yoga teachers training in the near future.  She has modeled for me the importance of consistency and sincerity and living a yogic lifestyle to gain the most out of Yoga.

Swami, Devamaya (Melbourne) 

For 12 years I have been a teacher and mentor to Sannyasi Pragyadhara (Tamar Weka).

In my role within the Education faculty at the Satyananda Yoga Academy in Australia (SYA) I have given her feedback related to the teaching of her many classes in the SYA Teacher Training Diploma Course. During her role in the Education faculty she would consult with me before her lecture topics and debrief afterwards in an effort to refine knowledge and upgrade her delivery style. As a student of yoga she has sought guidance from me in regards to her personal practice on a number of occasions over the years, for the purpose of understanding and refreshing sadhana.

She has much to offer as a yoga teacher because she has continuously lived the yogic lifestyle imbibing yogic details and information as a dedicated practitioner for 15 years as well as studying methods and techniques of yoga including asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha, meditation, chakras, koshas, mantra, philosophy and yogic psychology within the Satyananda system, within the teachings of the Bihar school of Yoga, founded by Swami Satyananda, of which I am a part.

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