The Power of breath & Mantra

Join me for an immersion into the transforming power of mantra chanting and breath-work/ pranayama. Drawing on the wisdom of the yogic tradition this day will be infused with practices that invoke energy and culminate in stillness. Links will be made with yogic physiology & philosophy and practical tools shared for integration and grounding in daily life.

Two of the most powerful and direct methods to shift physical and mental states are through mantra chanting and breathing techniques or pranayama.
Mantra chanting will harness the voice, breath and energy and is a dynamic form of meditation. Through sound, resonance and vibration the practitioner is able to let go of the intellect and use the vibratory field created for inner purification & transformation.
Pranayama techniques when guided systematically, heal, relax & balance the nervous system and induce relaxed concentration in the mind. Build a safe and sustainable pranayama practice as a stand- alone tool or stepping stone to meditation.


Through progressive practices this day aims to ignite the innate intelligence of the body/mind to anchor into a deep sense of grounding and wholeness. How to extend practice awareness into daily life to enhance the quality of your health, well-being, contentment and Joy.

Deepen your practice, ground in mantra & pranayama & connect with others on the yogic journey. 


Hari aum tat sat,


The day includes:

  • 2 hr masterclass - focusing on breath-work and progressive pranayama techniques

  • Practice debrief, links with yogic physiology and philosophy - grounding experience

  • Mantra chanting to release the voice, attune to and balance the subtle body - chakras. As a purification tool to unravel the patterns of the mind and awaken potential

  • Mala meditation. How to use a mala as an aide to meditation

  • Uplifting kirtan and group chanting

  • Lifestyle integration - Daily tools for peace & links to audio files for ongoing inspiration and practice

Date: Saturday 25 July 2020
Time: 8.30am - 6pm
Location: Lotus Venue at Kawai Purapura Retreat Centre, 14 Mills Lane, Albany, Auckland

Price: $160 Early Bird -paid by 12 July. 

$175 after this. 
Details:  Includes catered vegetarian lunch.

Book: These days sell out.  To secure your place email:

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