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auckland YOGA DAY

 Free the Breath - Expand Awareness

Yogic tools to live by.

These days bring a taste of authentic, traditional yoga to our modern landscape seeking to merge the sacred with everyday experiences we can relate to. Taking a holistic approach the day will drill down on the role of conscious breathing & relaxation, asana, mantra chanting & meditation & how these support a sustainable life-long relationship with health, self development & yoga as a lifestyle.  Drawing on the transmitted wisdom of a yogic lineage this day will be infused with practices that work intentionally with breath & the respiratory system to free up tension that leads to restrictive patterns. To get in touch with energy and learn how to work with it via breathing techniques & different types of pranayama. 

Links will be made with yogic physiology & philosophy to bring context to experience, to connect the dots and to inspire you towards further exploration and transformation. Classical Hatha is a timeless science unaffected by fads or trends, it is a precise and systematic way to purify, balance and strengthen the 5 koshas (layers of our existence from gross to subtle).

Coming in touch with this sacred alchemy through cultivating a meditative awareness in action induces a cascade of positive psychological & social effects. The physical body becomes the conduit for refined awareness in action and application through the senses grounds it into daily life.

Yoga day  
2 hour Hatha masterclass - Mantra, Asana, breathing techniques, pranayama, mudra, bandhas, meditation & relaxation
Stand-alone Pranayama Class - Purification practices.  Links with the 5 Prana Vayus (Vital energies in the body)

Mantra chanting as a daily practice that builds rhythmicity in breathing, affecting brain states & our body systems. 
The role of asana & meditation in relation to pranayama.
Kirtan - freeing the breath & voice.  Sound as an active force to unblock energy.

Yoga Nidra - Deep relaxation and meditation practice the foundation of conscious breathing.

How to build a personal practice through adding in pranayama elements progression & ongoing support.
Catered vegetarian/vegan lunch, healthy snacks and homemade  boom boom chai!

Date: Saturday 03 July, 2021

Where: Lotus room, Kawai Purapura Yoga Retreat, Albany, Auckland.

When: 8.30am - 6pm

Cost: $160 EB paid by Monday 21 June - International Yoga Day! : $175 after this.

Includes catered vegetarian/vegan lunch. 

For registrations and bookings email:

These Yoga Days sell out.

Deepen your practice, ground in safe and proven technologies & connect with others (sangha) on the yogic journey.

We are all students on this journey of evolution and of life.

Watch the video below for an overview of these days. 


I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Aum shanti


Pure Yoga Retreat Day

Pure Yoga Retreat Day

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