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one to one yoga


One to one classes are a powerful way to initiate change efficiently, to receive direct input that meets you where you are at and to reach your goals more quickly.

Are you are new to yoga? Recovering from injury or dealing with an ongoing illness? Would you like to broaden your yoga experience or deepen your existing practice? Need expert guidance about choosing a yoga class that works for you? Wanting to know the difference between yoga classes and styles. Where the yogic tradition comes from?

I have experience working with clients with health challenges, psycho-somatic based imbalances, anxiety, depression, common injuries, beginners through to advanced practitioners. I have trained Yoga teachers since 2009. I combine my vast yogic knowledge and experience with twenty years plus, of dedicated practice and yogic living to create a session that works for you.

Starting yoga

  • Beginners interested in understanding and building confidence in the fundamentals of yoga before attending classes

  • If you have been away from the mat and need to bridge back into regular classes with confidence.


Health and healing

  • To assist recovery from an injury or health condition - A personalised program would include holistic practices drawn from the Bihar yoga system to support healing such as Yoga Nidra, restorative asana, cleansing techniques, basic breath-work techniques and lifestyle applications.

  • Self development tools that help to break down stress inducing patterns of thought & behaviour.

  • Looking to expand your personal practice to include other lesser taught practices such as pranayama, Yoga Nidra, meditation and mantra chanting elements.

  • Transforming mental patterns through holistic practices including swadhyaya – self-study techniques, Yamas and Niyamas and lifestyle integration

Deepen into the Yogic Path

  • What is initiation?

  • Ashram Living & Yoga Training

  • Visiting the Bihar School of Yoga, Munger, India 


Mentorship for Yoga Teachers & Experienced practitioners

  • I cam help you with practical questions and support you in your self-confidence and skill as a teacher. Teaching skills are refined over time as you find your niche or hone what you are currently offering. By arrangement I can attend one of your classes in person or online and give you feedback regarding your teaching, communication and other related skills.

  • The business of Yoga – Business planning, marketing & hosting workshops & retreats.

  • Professional registration and professional pathways (Yoga Alliance, Yoga NZ or other registered Yoga body

  • Yogic Lifestyle Programs

Pure Yoga Packages

  • One off tune up & consultation $125.00 per hour

  • 5 Sessions: $495.00

  • 10 Sessions: $975.00

  • These sessions are held at my home yoga sanctuary overlooking the ocean at Long Bay/Torbay, North Shore, Auckland as-well as online via Zoom.

  • Gift certificates available by request

To book your session

I look forward to connecting with you

Aum Shanti - Pragyadhara

One to One Yoga
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