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We believe Yoga is a personal pathway to freedom and that every step is necessary in order to embody it fully as a way of living.  It is a science to enhance the quality of life and one that is highly adaptable and accessible to all. 

We are dedicated to bring to you yogic tools & solutions to catalyse positive growth in the sacred alchemy of your life. 

Director Pure Yoga Pragyadhara


Everybody deserves to thrive, to sense their inherent potential, to have the tools to heal & balance out body & mind & awaken to their potential.  Everyone can experience the many benefits of Yoga from improved physical health & wellbeing to self development, transformation of limitations and awakening one's spiritual nature.

There are distinct stepping stones on the path which we have had direct experience of and can support others with. We expertly guide the practices, hold the space & educate you while you grow. 

It doesn't matter what you arrive to Yoga with it will deliver exactly what you need.

Our Promise To You

Pure Yoga is connected to & inspired by a living Yogic Tradition.  Steeped in a lineage empowered path Pure Yoga strives to preserve the essence of this so that you can experience & appreciate the full spectrum of conscious living that is Yoga.

Keeping alive Yoga that is not subject to fashions or fads and withstands the forces that dilute.   Purity is a form of power which you can embody as a truthful way of thinking, feeling & action.

Join a community of classical yoga lovers, who are life-long learners & are willing to show up and commit to better health, happiness & harmony.

Pure Yoga Sannyasi Pragyadhara


Like many others I found Yoga to help me get my health back on track.  I attended local classes and discovered many different practices including singing at the end of class!  


It wasn't long before my health recovered but what came as a surprise was the quality of self awareness that had started to grow.  This was all new to me.  I explored further, discovered more and soon found myself with a steady home practice.  That took some effort to wean myself from the direct guidance of the teacher but the practices could then be personalised to my particular needs and interests and motivated me to explore and study more.

Fast forward, twenty five years later I look back at my own journey and realise how expansive the path of Yoga is.  Each step taken, new vistas revealed positive changes and the work that lies ahead. They say the teacher comes when the student is ready.  Well, that was also true for me.

I decided it was important to understand the roots and origins of Yoga if I am to embrace it more fully.  This led me to India to the Bihar School of Yoga where I have spent many years living at, studying, immersing in yogic disciplines, practices & lifestyle.  I truely believe the best way to learn is through imbibing.  It's old skool, yes, and it works, in an organic and penetrating way.

Over the years of dedicated practice, applying the teachings and living in & out of Yoga ashrams & centres I feel I have gained an excellent grasp on the bigger picture of Yoga in all its facets and how that can be bridged into a busy modern world.  I have lifetimes of tools for everyone to benefit from whether they are a complete beginner, Yoga Teacher or spiritual seeker (Sadhak).

I have been training Yoga Teachers’ since 2009 and honing this for the last thirteen years finding ways to mentor graduates to express their inherent strengths.  Guiding & mentoring faculty, developing curriculum, delivering immersions, retreats and workshops across the country & in my local community. The last eight years in New Zealand has provided opportunities to connect with the wider Yoga community here in Aotearoa, to understand the needs and challenges that people of our nation experience and how Yoga can best be of service.  As our own unique yoga culture develops here in Aotearoa, New Zealand I feel its important to support and share my expertise, voice and presence in this formation. ​ I continue to keep my connection with authentic Yoga in India alive. ​ It is my mission in life to serve you through the purity & richness of the Yoga Tradition, one that is practical, clear in its aims & processes, adaptable, progressive, creative & becomes a positive force in your life. ​ I look forward to connecting with you.

Pure Yoga Pragyadhara Auckland

​Qualifications and Recognition

Lead Trainer and Program Consultant, RYS, E-RYT® 500
Continuing Education Provider, Yoga Alliance, U.S. YACEP®

Senior Teacher

Level 4, Yoga NZ

3 year residential immersion, Sannyasa Training, Sannyas Peeth, Ganga Darshan
Bihar School of Yoga, India, 2012 - 2015

Certificate - Training and Assessment

TAFE, Australia, 2011

Diploma in Satyananda Yoga Training

Yoga Academy Australia, 2009

Masters in Yoga Psychology

Bihar Yoga Bharati, Ganga Darshan, 2005

B.A./B.ED. Diploma of Secondary Teaching

Waikato University, 1996


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