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Supported Poses

Restorative & Yoga nidra

Tuesday Evenings - 18 April - 20 June

6.15 pm - 7.30 pm

​Online on Zoom and at Pure Yoga Home Studio, Torbay

$250 - 10 week course 

$27 Casual attendance

Casual & trial classes are available by email request

restorative & Yoga Nidra

Everyone deserves deep relaxation and inner peace. Everyone can benefit from slowing down and tuning into bodily sensations and the power of ones breath. Everyone has an inherent reservoir of energy that when accessed can assist with healing, shifting body/mind states and deeper transformation.


To have the tools to change body and mind states and to be able to let go from daily stressors is a gift that you can give yourself and inspire others with.


This course is particularly good for beginners.  It features progressive Yoga Nidra – a profound relaxation and meditation practice designed to support release of tensions not only physical but also mental, emotional tensions and subconscious fears and stored trauma.

Benefits of Yoga Nidra

Augments healing

Builds the ability to consciously deal with tensions

Accesses the subconscious mind

Brings profound relaxation on all levels of Being

Benefits of Supported Poses

Ground, connect & heal

Reduce muscular & emotional tensions

Gain flexibility, strength & improved posture & co ordination

Relaxation Calm


Week One

Extended Shavasana & Supported Poses

Week Two

Supported poses & spinal sequences & Intro to Yoga Nidra

Week Three

Hatha flows & Yoga Nidra - Internalization/Externalization

Week Four

Hatha Yoga for Spine & Hips & Yoga Nidra - Sankalpa


Week Five

Hatha Yoga for Shoulders & Hips & Yoga Nidra - Body Awareness

Week Six

Hatha Yoga for knees & shoulders & Yoga Nidra & Breath Awareness

Week Seven

Hatha Yoga for neck, knees and joints & Yoga Nidra & the experience of opposites


Week Eight

Hatha Yoga for spine, hips & digestive system & Yoga Nidra & Visualisation


Week Nine

Hatha Yoga for the reproductive system & Yoga Nidra  - All Stages

Week Ten

Hatha Yoga for the endocrine system & Yoga Nidra - All Stages

Supported restorative pose

supported poses

Yoga Nidra


I have been a student of yoga & meditation for many, many years and a teacher now for the last 7 years. I've been blessed with the most amazing teachers from various traditions who have each given me special gifts. I was so lucky to begin my 500 hour teaching journey with Pragyadhara this January in a restorative yoga, breathing and yoga nidra course at Kawai Purapura. This and the proceeding study have provided the gateway to the most phenomenal shift in my personal practice and teaching. 


Pragyadhara embodies yoga for me. A font of traditional wisdom imparted with deep humility and expertise. 


I am grateful for the opportunity I had in working with Pragyadhara. I will be back for more. You should too.

Kate McLeay (Hawkes Bay)

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