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Teachers Training Auckland

Yoga lifestyle sadhana training

June 1- 5 & 22 - 26, Thursday, 6 pm to Mon 3 pm

7.00 am - 8.30 pm

Ao Wira Retreat Centre, Waitakere Ranges, West Auckland​

$3575 includes onsite twin share accomodation & vegetarian catering. Early Bird ends 21 April, $3800 after

Email for an info booklet & to arrange an interview.

Live your yoga

Connect back to the roots of yoga as a lifestyle and align yourself with timeless lineage based wisdom.

Open to both steady practitioners wanting to deepen practice & knowledge & to existing Yoga Teachers looking for the next steps on the yoga path.

Your Training in a Nutshell

  • X2 Blocks of four day residential immersions (Thursday 6 pm - Monday 3 pm)

  • Guided Home Practice in-between each training block

  • Weekly classes to consolidate the practices & mentorship with Pragyadhara

  • Daily Schedule: 7 am - 8.30 pm

Whats Included

  • Comprehensive student manual. (Sections for each topic area in alignment with Teacher Training programs)

  • Mentorship specific to your needs and interest areas such as honing your teaching skills, leading mantra & kirtan, finding your personal practice

  • Access to a rich hub of Dropbox resources including access to power-points from classes, audio files for mantra chanting, supplementary articles and access to class recordings

  • Private Whatsapp group for staying connected and practice support 

Alignment Hatha

Curriculum & scope of practice
Designed in line with Yoga Alliance & Yoga NZ Standards & Competencies

yogic physiology

The subtle bodies; Koshas, Chakras, Gunas, Mind & cpsychic pathways, components of mind, Kleshas.

history & philosophy

Historical Development of Yoga through the Ages

The Yoga Tradition, Ashram, Guru & Disciple, Yoga in the modern world perspectives

hatha asana

Asanas as tools to expand awareness

Basic to advanced, dynamic, surya namaskara & static postures held longer with mind/prana connections


From basic to progressive techniques including mudras & bandhas



Essential skills & deepening, mantra meditation, using a mala & other seated & dynamic forms

mantra chanting

Vedic mantra chanting.  Building a daily mantra sadhana. Pronunciation & audio files for learning

yogic lifestyle yama & Niyamas

Applying the Yama & Niyama in daily life

Review of the Day on selected Yama/Niyama pairs

yoga nidra

Deep relaxation & Meditation 


sadhana design & practice

Anchoring into the classical hatha methods & techniques & developing a personal sadhana, mentorship


self reflective awareness 

Spiritual diary & SWAN meditation, karma yoga, kirtan & self analysis exercises

Home Studio Pure Yoga_edited.jpg

pre Training with Pure yoga

yama & Niyamas for living a balanced life

anchor into a timeless system

Knowing how to harness & direct energy is one of the keys that the Hatha Yoga system reveals as you deepen into personal practice.


Improved health, mental focus, emotional balance are the byproducts of progression through Hatha Yoga.

​Explore how to connect with your energy body (Prana) & its interconnection with the mind (Consciousness)

Bring together both yogic theory & practice of the subtle bodies; koshas, Gunas, Chakra, Prana Vayus, evolutes of Mind

Go inwards easily using this progressive system designed to meet every level of practitioner.

Meditation to develop one pointed concentration.  To bring awareness to mental patterns & help to dismantle unhealthy ones

Yogic lifestyle practices form a pivotal bridge between your practice & living with yogic awareness

Build a toolkit of personalised practices that will guide you further along your evolutionary path.

classical branches
scientifically backed
lineage empowered

daily MANTRA sadhana:

Gayatri Mantra
Mahamrityunjaya mantra
Durga Path (32 Names)
Opening & Closing Shanti Path

Devi Mantras


Breath mechanics

Basic & Progressive techniques


I have been a student of yoga & meditation for many, many years and a teacher now for the last 7 years. I've been blessed with the most amazing teachers from various traditions who have each given me special gifts. I was so lucky to begin my 500 hour teaching journey with Pragyadhara this January in a restorative yoga, breathing and yoga nidra course at Kawai Purapura. This and the proceeding study have provided the gateway to the most phenomenal shift in my personal practice and teaching. 


Pragyadhara embodies yoga for me. A font of traditional wisdom imparted with deep humility and expertise. 


I am grateful for the opportunity I had in working with Pragyadhara. I will be back for more. You should too.

Kate McLeay (Hawkes Bay)

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