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Yoga Nidra Training

Yoga Nidra teachers training & immersion

Friday 2 August - Tuesday 6 August Immersion.

Sept 14 & 15 - Final practicum.

Training days: 9 - 6 pm + Home practice in-between.

The Life Centre, Herne Bay, Auckland City


This training is currently registered with YACEP Yoga Alliance.US. & counts towards professional development for registered Yoga Teachers. 

Early Bird ends 16 July


Certified Yoga Trainer Auckland

Yoga nidra Teachers Training

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey into the depths of Yoga Nidra that extend well beyond its immediate relaxation effect?

Join us for our upcoming Yoga Nidra Teachers' Training and unlock the profound healing & meditation powers of this ancient practice.  Even if you don't plan to guide others you can still join the five day immersion to deepen your practice, knowledge and experience of Yoga Nidra!

Why Choose Our Yoga Nidra Teachers' Training:

  • Learn from seasoned instructors with a wealth of experience and a deep passion for sharing the transformative benefits of Yoga Nidra not only for its restorative power but as a meditation practice.

  • Deepen your understanding of the theory and philosophy behind Yoga Nidra, empowering you to share its wisdom with others.

  • Gain practical teaching skills through hands-on experience and personalised mentorship, ensuring you feel confident and inspired to guide others on their Yoga Nidra journey.

  • Experience a supportive and nurturing learning environment that honours your unique path and encourages growth and self-discovery.

What You'll Experience

  • Dive into comprehensive course materials that provide in-depth knowledge and guidance on all aspects of Yoga Nidra.

  • Access a wealth of resources, including planning and teaching templates, audio recordings, and teaching tools, to support your ongoing learning and practice.

  • Connect with a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for Yoga Nidra and are committed to creating positive changes in others lives and building a meaningful career in professional Yoga

  • For more information and secure your spot in this life-changing training -

Your Training in a Nutshell​

  • Day immersion into the practice & theory. Daily Schedule: 9 - 6 pm.

  • Guided Home Practice after the immersion

  • Practice teaching a short course of Yoga Nidra

  • Practicum feedback

Whats Included

  • Comprehensive student manual. (Sections for each topic area in alignment with Teacher Training programs)

  • Mentorship specific to your needs

  • Access to a rich hub of Dropbox resources of audio files & supplementary articles, plans & research articles.

  • Private Whatsapp group for staying connected & for Teaching support.

Curriculum & scope of practice
Designed in line with Yoga Alliance & Yoga NZ Standards & Competencies

yogic physiology

The subtle bodies; Koshas - layers of awareness through the practice of Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra and its effects on Prana and Mind.

Neuroscience - Links with brain functions.

history & philosophy

Historical roots & evolution of this practice into modern day interpretations. Traditional Yoga Nidra.

Links with Yoga

How to use Yoga Nidra in conjunction with other yoga practices & as a stand- alone practice.



Relationship to the practice, formulation and finding your sankalpa.

Breath awareness

How conscious breathing works in Yoga Nidra & instructing this stage


meditation & Yoga nidra

How Yoga Nidra encapsulates meditation and is a meditation technique.

Essential skills of meditation in Yoga Nidra and how to instruct these.

therapeutic Applications of Yoga nidra

How Yoga Nidra is being use to support;

Recovery from Trauma

Insomnia & sleep issues

Healthy pregnancy & fertility

Youth & Yoga Nidra for children

Allied health professionals & complementary adjunct to healing


self reflective awareness & Yoga nidra 

Personality and using Yoga Nidra for self development & expansion of awareness.

Communication skills

Develop competence in delivering a basic Yoga Nidra; Voice projection, use of language, guiding the student, directing awareness, pacing & grounding techniques.


Price:$1527 EB by 21 June, $1827 after this.

Includes: Student manual, home practice support, teaching mentorship & practicum assessment.

pre Training with Pure yoga

Mantra Meditation Pure Yoga

Theory & practice

Evolution of Yoga Nidra

Finding a sankalpa

Benefits & Effects of the Practice

Underpinning theory of each stage

Accessing the koshas

Teaching to different audiences

Breathwork Pranayama Auckland

Teaching skill set

Practice Immersion - Experiential depth

Teaching practicum - Ongoing development

Teaching a short course

Professional pathways & research

Yoga Nidra in context of Yoga Practice

Anatomy & Physiology related to the practice

Communication skills & student support skills

  • Are the classes suitable for Beginners?
    Yes, Pure Yoga offers local and online beginner yoga courses for those new to Yoga. Courses focus on building foundational skills in alignment and conscious breathing. Courses are designed for newcomers over a series of weeks which allows for individual attention and practices that build confidence, flexibility, mobility and strength. These courses will set you up to progress further into the Hatha system and to be able to continue at home if that is your goal. For entry level students the Restorative yoga and Yoga Nidra courses are the best fit.
  • What is included in the Yoga Classes?
    Each class is holistic in nature including physical postures (Asana), guided breathing (Pranayama) & Meditation components. Pure Yoga is passionate about supporting people to integrate Yoga into daily life so shares tips and resources to help you build sustainable tools.
  • Does Pure Yoga offer Teachers Training?
    Yes, Pure Yoga has been training teachers for the last 10 years in the classical based Hatha, Raja, Mantra, Bhakti Yoga systems, mentoring students and is currently the Program Advisor for Kawai Purapura Yoga School (RYS), 200 Hr & 500 Hr Programs.
  • Do you run Yoga classes outside of Auckland?
    Yes, Pure Yoga travels to locations around NZ bringing speciality workshops, masterclasses & yogic lifestyle events to communities, Yoga studios & corporate settings.
  • What type of meditation do you teach?
    Pure Yoga is grounded in years of meditation practice and training in the classical forms of meditation that are aimed at building the specific skills of meditation and extending these into everyday life so that transformation occurs in a gradual yet lasting way. The techniques include both dynamic and static forms of meditation that prepare the body and mind for inner work. Specific techniques that help to embody relaxation, stillness, witnessing the mind, utilizing breath and energy include; Yoga Nidra, Body stillness, Steady Gazing (Trataka), Inner silence (Antar Mouna). How to use a mala for meditation and gaining a clear understanding of different energy systems and its influence on mental patterns (Vrittis, Samskaras).
  • What format does the meditation class take?
    The classes begin & end with centering in the present moment. Yoga Nidra a deep relaxation practice and one that embeds the essential skills of meditation is used to release tension. A seated meditation practice follows which builds and hones awareness from the gross (body) to more subtle layers of your being (mind, prana & subtle bodies).
  • What aspects of Meditation are included?
    The essential skills of meditation are highlighted in these courses, working to build up from simple to more complex. These skills are broken down each week and linked with lifestyle integration. The techniques are the building blocks of these skills and vary from Yoga Nidra to body based meditation. Some techniques include breath & energy as the main focus. More advanced practices work more directly with the mind & psychic bodies.
  • Where is your studio located?
    Pure Yoga Home studio is located in Torbay, Long Bay on the North Shore of Auckland. It is a fully equipped studio space next to the ocean with high quality Manduka Yoga Mats, custom hand-made bolsters, blankets & meditation cushions. Pure Yoga strives to source eco friendly, natural based products and support local businesses.
  • Do you offer one to one yoga guidance?
    Yes, Pure Yoga has experience working with clients with health challenges, psycho-somatic based imbalances, anxiety, depression, common injuries, beginners through to advanced practitioners. I have trained Yoga teachers since 2009. I combine my vast yogic knowledge and experience plus 20 years of dedicated practice and yogic living to create a session that works for you.


I have been a student of yoga & meditation for many, many years and a teacher now for the last 7 years. I've been blessed with the most amazing teachers from various traditions who have each given me special gifts. I was so lucky to begin my 500 hour teaching journey with Pragyadhara this January in a restorative yoga, breathing and yoga nidra course at Kawai Purapura. This and the proceeding study have provided the gateway to the most phenomenal shift in my personal practice and teaching. 


Pragyadhara embodies yoga for me. A font of traditional wisdom imparted with deep humility and expertise. 


I am grateful for the opportunity I had in working with Pragyadhara. I will be back for more. You should too.

Kate McLeay (Hawkes Bay)

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