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 Deepen Yoga Practice - Live Your Yoga

Dates: To be released. 

Wanting to train as a Yoga Teacher & build a meaningful career?

Finished your Yoga Teachers Training and eager to learn more, go deeper, unlock your particular path?


This training is designed to take you further on the yogic path whether you are an existing Teacher or committed beginner or somewhere in between.


Pure Yoga has designed a unique in-depth yoga training bringing together twenty years of immersive experience on the Yogic path & ten years of experience training and mentoring Yoga Teachers.  The aim of this training is connecting back to the roots of yoga as a lifestyle and aligning with lineage based wisdom whilst acknowledging we live in a modern world & how to adapt to that in order to thrive.

  • 108 hours in total.  Around 70 hours in person or online supplemented with home practice guidance

  • Midweek morning class (Weds, 6.30 - 7:45 am) online/in person included

  • Mentorship through-out the training specific to your needs and interest areas such as teaching skills, mantra chanting, leading kirtan, finding your niche and more.

  • Yogic lifestyle Yama and Niyama with self analysis tools and practice applications.

  • Access to a rich hub of Dropbox resources including access to power-points from classes, audio files for mantra chanting, supplementary articles and class zoom recordings

  • Comprehensive student manual. (Sections for each topic area in alignment with Teacher Training programs)

  • Private Whatsapp group for staying connected, group support and personalised input from Pure Yoga & faculty

Tools to transform, connection and community

















Drawing on the breadth & depth of the classical systems that the Bihar Yoga Tradition uphold this training will expand yogic horizons in the following ways.

  • Exploring the Subtle bodies in practice and yogic theory. (Kosha, Guna, Chakra, Prana)​

  • Hatha Asana as awareness expansion tools; peak asana design, sequence for effect, dynamic and static postures.

  • Layering asana with mudra, bandha and mantra to deepen into pranic awareness.

  • Pranayama - Vitalizing, balancing, tranquilising categories.  Building ratios and kumbhak (breath retention).

  • Sanskrit & Mantra chanting - Sanskrit pronunciation audios & mantra worksheets, leading mantra chanting & home sadhana.

  • Bhagavad Gita, Tantra & Samkhya systems that enrich practice relationship and draw out yogic principles to live by.

  • Exclusive weekly group class live on zoom.

  • A conscious & connected community that is on the journey with you. 

  • Connect to the original intentions (Yoga vidya) of yoga as a lifestyle.


Overview of the Content

  • Exploring the five classical branches of Yoga (Jnana, Karma, Mantra, Raja, Hatha) as a means to develop an integrated personal sadhana

  • Focus on the Subtle bodies (Prana, Chakras, Guna, koshas) relating practice experience to yoga psychology & yogic lifestyle aims

  • Chakra Analysis worksheets,  forming a personal sadhana. Sadhana design and tracking.

  • Home practice design templates and practical tools to formulate your personal practice (sadhana)

  • Working with specific yogic lifestyle questionnaires related to lifestyle Yamas & Niyamas. (Manah Prasad & Japa) (kshama & Namaskara)

  • Shatkarma - Purification techniques (nasal, stomach & intestinal cleansing)

  • Teaching experience -  student led teaching & feedback (if that is a focus for you)

Training Dates - to be released

Home sadhana, mentorship & weekly classes in-between training


Starts: October - Opening Ceremony/Havan & kirtan and Classes.

Ends: December - Closing day and Ceremony.

Completion certificates.


Pragyadhara is a YCEP Provider with Yoga Alliance. U.S.

Yoga Teachers registered with Yoga Alliance can claim YCEP points. 


EB price applies until 6 Weeks prior to the start date. $1999.00

After this date: $2,350

$500 Deposit due within 5 days of acceptance on the program. 

Payment plans available.

Email for an info booklet & to arrange an interview: pureyoganz@gmail.com

Read the student testimonials. (Scroll to the end of the page)

Other Teachers Training with Pure Yoga, Auckland

Pragyadhara designed, co ordinated and is a Lead Trainer on  Yoga Teacher Trainings.  Kawai Purapura Yoga School is a registered Yoga Alliance school that ushers students into traditional methodology with utmost care and integrity. Pragyadhara works closely with the Yoga School administration refining the programs and sourcing inspiring faculty that are aligned with the schools educational values.

Read more about the advanced Hatha training Pure Yoga is leading in collaboration with the Yoga School here.

To receive your info book and schedule an interview connect up with: yogaeducation@kawaipurapura.co.nz

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Pure Yoga is dedicated to assisting others to benefit from Yoga as a healing modality, for self development, to deepen personal practice, to connect with others on the journey and as an evolutionary system to awaken  to ones spiritual nature. 


I loved the scope of the 108 training; it provides in-depth insight into various yogic practices that has enabled me to more fully conceptualise and create a personal practice that fits with me.  As the training takes place over several months it provides a supportive space  to apply yoga to life, to live more fully and navigate challenge. I would therefore recommend this course to anyone seeking yoga’s ancient gift of modern self- empowerment.

Kate Martin - Yoga Teacher - Auckland, New Zealand

108 Yogic journey training I highly recommend for someone who is a yoga practitioner and would like to dive deeper into the wisdom of yoga and learn more about tools that can be helpful in our daily lives. For me, I established a stronger connection to my intuition to recognize what I need for my individual soul, body and mind and what tools to use when necessary throughout my days- from Asana, through Pranayama leading to Dhyana as well as constant studying and observing everyday situations with higher awareness. Ajapa Japa Meditation is now rooted in my practice as well as Yoga Nidra. I also learned about Sanskrit pronunciation in detail so I am able to chant Mantras with better understanding of the sound and meaning of it. Pragyadhara and her team of teachers offered me their strong support during the training, answered all my questions and created a sangha that feels like home.

Jana Formankova - Yoga Teacher, Auckland, New Zealand. 

I  know that what I have gained is immeasurable and I seem unable to find a tidy  package of words to explain it. I know my focus has moved away from Asana as my 'peak pose' and towards what practices and techniques will, moment by moment,  best enable me to express Yogic philosophy in this particular life. 
I remain profoundly grateful to Pragyadhara, Tracey, Swami Kailash and Gyanmudra for  their patience, generosity of spirit, unfailing kindness and for being outstanding examples  of living the kind yogic life to which I can aspire. 

Hari aum - Rhyn Gabriel. 

 I thoroughly enjoyed the way in which Pragyadhara taught the course, the way it was explained, the resources, the schedule and the energy of the course.  I felt held in the space and learnt so many new concepts I was not aware of and I loved the bite size pieces given without it being overwhelming. 


We were in the heart of this course during a difficult time with lockdowns and Covid, and it was such a life saver for me to have these practices in place to ride these waves.  She was fantastic online and I never thought I would be so engaged for long periods of time online, but I was and it was amazing and a credit to her skills as a teacher. 

Luzette Singh-Williams (Director and Teacher - Youth Yoga, Auckland)