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yoga training for teachers


Deepen Yoga Practice, Live with Yoga

In-depth Transformative Systematic & Accessible.

Pure Yoga has designed a unique in-depth yoga training bringing together 20 years of immersive experience on the Yogic path & 10 years of Teachers Training experience & mentorship.  Taking the yogic journey one step further by connecting back to the roots of yoga and aligning with the tradition - parampara. Drawing on the breadth & depth of the classical systems that the Bihar Yoga Tradition uphold; Hatha, Karma, Bhakti, Mantra, Jnana & Raja Yoga this training will expand yogic horizons in the following ways.

  • Deeper focus on the energetic system & its integration into a personal sadhana.

  • Exploring philosophy of different systems related to Yoga and applying practices & principles from each to enrich personal practice.

  • Connecting practice with the frameworks of the koshas, Gunas & Chakra systems with the intention to form a clear pathway for continued exploration & growth. 

  • Teaching experience & feedback (if that is a focus for you).

  • Communication skills & tapping into personal strengths that will form a stepping stone to further evolution.

Meditation for Teachers
Advanced Asana

Yoga Training Package Includes

  • 108 hours of expansive training. (72 Hrs face to face spread out across 4 months.

  • ~36 Hrs Home practice including building a steady practice including the schedule of practices, maintaining a spiritual diary & practice records, insights & reflections.  Application of Yogic principles in daily life & working consciously with the Yamas & Niyamas.

  • Personal practice design &  ongoing mentorship

  • Shatkarma - Purification techniques (nasal, stomach & intestinal cleansing, - Pranayama - kapalbhati & steady gazing -Trataka  

  • Asana as a form of meditation, Pranayama with bandha & Mudra. Practice Analysis to fine tune form & function.

  • Sanskrit & Mantra chanting - breaking it down, building it up. Nada Yoga sessions.

  • Bhagavad Gita, Tantra & Samkhya systems that enrich Yogic methodology. Theory & Practices drawn from each.

  • Regular Zoom check ins & ongoing mentorship over the 4 months.

  • Whatsapp or online sangha support.

Venue: Pure Yoga Home Studio, Torbay, Auckland.

Limited to 10 places.  Deposit required on acceptance.

Balance to be paid by June 25th.

Guest Faculty:

Swami Kailash (Senior Teacher Yoga NZ, current President of SYTA).  

Tracey McKay - Mantra specialist & certified Yoga Teacher.

Sannyasi Gyanmudra (Bihar School of Yoga Trained, Certified Yoga Teacher)

Nitya - Ceremony Woods, Director of Kawai Purapura  Registered Yoga School & Certified Yoga Teacher.

Investment: $1575.00 Total amount. $500 Deposit once accepted to secure your place.
Payment Plan option by email request.

Content & Structure
2 Sunday’s a month from 25 July - 14th November, 2021.

Training dates:

Sunday 25th July (includes opening fire/havan) 

Sunday 8 August. (Includes Shatkarma) 

Sunday 29 August  

Sunday 12 September 

Sunday 26 September (Includes Shatkarma) 

Sunday 17 October 

Sunday 31 October 

Sunday 7 November (Includes Shatkarma) 

Sunday 14 November (Includes closing Havan & certificates).

Deepen into the Yogic Journey & embed Yoga into your life.

Email for an info booklet & to arrange an interview.

Applications close start of July. 

Aum shanti Pragyadhara