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Deepen Yoga Practice - Grow a yogic lifestyle

 Tools to transform, connection and community

Coming up!  November - 2021 - 14 November - 23 November, Auckland, Kawai Purapura Registered Yoga School.

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Pranayama, Mantra & Advancing Hatha ~  70 Hrs in person followed by Home Sadhana.

We are so energized by this new training. Run as one of three advanced Teacher Training modules that add up to 300Hrs.  (Combined with the 200 Hr Foundational training adds up to 500 Hrs Certification, Yoga Alliance. U.S).

The goals of this course are to create a more rounded Yoga teacher who is grounded in a systematic approach that connects them to the original intentions of Yoga as a transformational technology and a lifestyle. 

Highlighting the aspects of yoga that go beyond the physical benefits into the mental and energetic dimension utilizing the Chakra system and its psycho-spiritual dimensions.

Overview of the Content

  • Exploring the five classical branches of Yoga (Jnana, Karma, Mantra, Raja, Hatha) through practice connections, aiming towards a meditative awareness. 

  • Focus on the Subtle bodies (Prana, Chakras, Guna, koshas) relating practice experience to yoga psychology & yogic lifestyle principles.

  • Deepen and layer asana practice with mudra, bandhas and mantra. 

  • Chakra Analysis worksheets, practice design templates and practical tools to formulate your personal practice (sadhana). 

  • Communication skills - voice as a medium to develop personal power, devotion and confidence.

  • Working with specific yogic lifestyle questionnaires related to lifestyle Yamas & Niyamas. (Manah Prasad and Japa)

  • Shatkarma - Purification techniques (nasal, stomach & intestinal cleansing)

  • Exploring philosophy of different systems related to Yoga & how they work synergistically to enrich experience. 

  • Teaching experience - lead others in practice & feedback (if that is a focus for you).

Meditation for Teachers
Advanced Asana

Cant make these dates?  

Applications for 2022 are also open (108 Training with Pure Yoga, Torbay, Auckland)

Designed for both Yoga Teachers and steady practitioners.

  • 108 hours of expansive training. (72 Hrs face to face spread out across 4 months).

  • Online applications live on Zoom will be considered.

  • ~36 Hrs Home practice including building in new elements and developing a personal sadhana. 


Pure Yoga has designed a unique in-depth yoga training bringing together 20 years of immersive experience on the Yogic path & 10 years of Teachers Training experience & mentorship.  Taking the yogic journey one step further by connecting back to the roots of yoga and aligning with the tradition - parampara. Drawing on the breadth & depth of the classical systems that the Bihar Yoga Tradition uphold this training will expand yogic horizons in the following ways.

  • Exploring the Subtle bodies in practice and yogic theory. (Kosha, Guna, Chakra, Prana)​

  • How to engage with asana as a dynamic form of meditation.  How to deepen into the energy bodies.

  • Mudra, bandha and mantra in Asana. 

  • Pranayama - Vitalizing, balancing, tranquilising, Yogic breathing & layering pranayama with bandhas.

  • Sanskrit & Mantra chanting - Sanskrit pronunciation audios & mantra worksheets, leading mantra chanting & home sadhana.

  • Bhagavad Gita, Tantra & Samkhya systems that enrich practice relationship and draw out yogic principles to live by.

  • Exclusive weekly group class live on zoom.

  • Private Whatsapp group for staying connected and additional resources to keep you motivated and inspired. 

  • Student manual and access to a resource hub and Dropbox resources. 

  • A conscious & connected community that is on the journey with you. 
















Guest Faculty:

Swami Kailash (Senior Teacher Yoga NZ, current President of SYTA).  

Tracey McKay - Mantra specialist & certified Yoga Teacher.

Sannyasi Gyanmudra (Bihar School of Yoga Trained, Certified Yoga Teacher)

Nitya - Ceremony Woods, Director of Kawai Purapura  Registered Yoga School & Certified Yoga Teacher.

Investment: $1800.00 Total amount. $500 Deposit once accepted to secure your place.

Deposit required on acceptance.

Balance to be paid in full one month before the training starts.

Payment Plan option by email request.


Content & Structure
2 Sunday’s a month from the start date. 7am - 6pm. 

Weekly group class.

Email for an info booklet & to arrange an interview.

Aum shanti Pragyadhara

Yoga Philosophy Education
Pure Yoga