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Hatha Pranayama Seasonal Yoga Meditation

Yoga Lane studio, Waiuku

When:  Sunday 18 April, 9:30 am - 12 pm

Where: Yoga Lane Studio, Waiuku.

Investment: $40.


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Registration & Check in: Contact Pragyadhara on

Bring your own Yoga mat if you can.

Includes Chai. 

Auckland - Yoga Lane Studio - Waiuku

Hatha Masterclass - Explore Energy - Expand the Mind

Hari Aum South Auckland Yogis!  

Welcome to this 2.5hr Yoga Masterclass where we can spend more time in practice together and expand our yogic horizons. 
Explore a range of Hatha based practices and extend into new ones.

Tuning into the season of Autumn and how that can be used to shape and inform our practice.  As a natural time to let go and go inwards, a time to sit with & to nurture deeper held intentions.  Aligning with these rhythms helps us to attune to our own.  We learn to listen deeply and experience a grounded sense of connection with ourselves. 
In this masterclass Yoga Educator and initiated Yogini Sannyasi Pragyadhara will guide you through systematic practices selected to bring you in tune with both inner and outer ecology.

This masterclass is a window into our energy body referred to as pranamaya kosha. 
Pranamaya kosha - the home of physical vitality and the key to optimising health, confidence and resilience. 

  • Asana sequences to generate energy that  will shift both gross & subtle blockages. 

  • Expand into the energetics of practices.

Learn pranayama, breathing techniques best for the cooler months.

  • Yoga Nidra to access a meditative state and deep relaxation.


You will derive from this focused yet relaxed class, taking the time to register subtlety and anchor into stillness & grounding.

  • Yoga Philosophy & subtle anatomy theory will be weaved in to bring context to your experience.

  • Whether you are starting from scratch, an experienced practitioner or are a Yoga Teacher you will take something away with you.​

  • How to build a sustainable and transformative home/self practice.

I so look forward to sharing this with you and some of my South Auckland Yogi connections. 


To book your spot: Limited to 25.

Ticket link payment  or

Members discount applies ($30)

I look forward to connecting with you.

Aum Shanti, Pragyadhara