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Authentic Yoga to thrive in Life

I love to see people thrive, reach their potential, experience better health, find peace of mind.

It's my mission in life. It's my passion & purpose to match you with the best Yoga tools to meet you where you are at.

Its my passion & purpose to match you with the best Yoga tools for you to transform in a natural way.

Pure Yoga Outdoor Meditation by Trees


Health or the ability to thrive physically, happiness & harmony exist in nature & remind us of our inherent potential. 

To move out of states of stress and transform in a natural way. To evolve further either as a Yoga Teacher or sadhak, we hold the space while you grow.  There are distinct stepping stones on the path which we have had direct experience of and can support others with.

We believe Yoga is a personal pathway to freedom and that every step is necessary in order to embody it fully as a way of living.  It is a science to enhance the quality of life and one that is highly adaptable and accessible to all. 

Our Promise to you is Purity

Purity is something that is not altered over time and holds the true essence of something. It is not subject to fashions or fads and withstands the forces that dilute.   Purity is potent, undiluted, clear and will become a catalyst in the sacred alchemy of your life. 

Join a community of classical yoga lovers, who are life-long learners who are willing to show up and commit to better health & happiness. 

Who love to experience first hand the benefits from positive & creative integration of yoga into their lives.


Classical, traditional, authentic, purity, lineage empowered, community driven student focused, connected to our spiritual nature. 



Like many others I found Yoga to help me recover from glandular fever - I was burnt out! Hatha Yoga being the holistic health system it has healed me and carved a pathway for further self growth and spiritual connection. 

Having traversed this path through direct experience it's a privilege & honor to guide others wherever they are - finding the best practices and relevant lifestyle connections for you to thrive.

By building a community of practitioners we become co-travellers accessing the richness of the Yoga tradition.

Lineage empowered, community driven, scientifically back Yoga.

If you are looking for the next steps to take, or to build more depth in practice or to apply the principles of balance & harmony in your life then Pure Yoga is here to help. 


I have been training Yoga Teachers’ since 2009 and honing this for the last thirteen years finding ways to mentor graduates to express their inherent strengths. 


The last eight years in New Zealand has provided opportunities to connect with the wider Yoga community here in Aotearoa, to understand the needs and challenges that people of our nation experience and how Yoga can best be of service. 

We continue to look for these opportunities while maintaining the connection with the roots, classical systems and source of inspiration in India.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Hari Aum tat sat



​Qualifications and Recognition

Lead Trainer and Program Consultant, RYS, E-RYT® 500
Continuing Education Provider, Yoga Alliance, U.S. YACEP®

Senior Teacher

Level 4, Yoga NZ

3 year residential immersion, Sannyasa Training, Sannyas Peeth, Ganga Darshan
Bihar School of Yoga, India, 2012 - 2015

Certificate - Training and Assessment

TAFE, Australia, 2011

Diploma in Satyananda Yoga Training

Yoga Academy Australia, 2009

Masters in Yoga Psychology

Bihar Yoga Bharati, Ganga Darshan, 2005

B.A./B.ED. Diploma of Secondary Teaching

Waikato University, 1996

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