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Yoga & Meditation

Outdoor Summer Series 2024

Deepen Your Practice - Progressive Hatha

Mantra Chanting I Pranayama I Meditation I Mudras & Bandhas I

Torbay - Pure Yoga Outdoor Space or Yoga Studio 

Saturday Mornings 7.30 am - 9 am, $30

Saturday Dates: 13, 20 Jan & 3 & 24 Feb

Outdoor Yoga

Move well - Breathe well

Whether you're enhancing your existing Hatha practice or embarking on a classical approach, our outdoor summer series is tailored for you.

  • Discover the meditative dimension of asanas – learn to engage with each pose mindfully, breaking down alignment intricacies and tuning into energetic cues.

  • Elevate your practice with mudras and bandhas, exploring the subtle connections within your body through asanas.

  • Deepen your experience with the transformative power of mantra chanting.

Community Meditation

Guided breath-work & Pranayama

  • Rejuvenate your respiratory health and amplify your energy through a series of progressive techniques.


  • Unravel and correct unhealthy breathing patterns, boosting both vitality and mental focus.

  • Delve into a variety of pranayama techniques, each offering specific effects and benefits. Seamlessly integrate pranayama into your practice, optimizing energy flow and balancing your nervous system.

Hatha Pranayama_edited.jpg

Meditation for Peace & Connection

  • Immerse yourself in the serenity of meditation guided to connect with the elements around and within you, exploring diverse techniques that strengthen essential meditation skills.

  • Cultivate the art of witnessing, combining inner observation with relaxation. Experience the synergy of breath and energy, achieving both body and mental stillness.

  • Uncover and release patterns limiting self-awareness and personal growth.

  • Spend valuable time with fellow seekers on the transformative path of Yoga. 

  • Take a moment to savor sacred sips of chai after class with us.


I look forward to expanding on the yoga journey with you in the new year.

Om shanti, Pragyadhara

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