Pure Yoga with Pragyadhara

Grounded in the Satyananda yoga tradition I draw on an integral range of practices derived from the classical branches of yoga. 

As a Yoga Teacher I draw my inspiration, approach and philosophy from The Bihar School of Yoga where I lived as a resident, student and sannyasin.

The practices start to show their real depth when integrated into daily action. Pure Yoga aims to support people in their personal exploration of yoga.

Pure Yoga with pragyadhara

in and around auckland

Pure Yoga aims to share simple yet profound yogic tools to enrich a wide range of people’s lives, from those looking to gain better health to those wanting to transform their current situation. The teachings come from a strong platform of empowered traditional yogic knowledge reflecting pragmatic wisdom. The goals are to instruct, guide and mentor – to get alongside people, tune in to what they need and allow them a grounded, supportive space to transform in a natural way. 

Looking forward to connecting with you. 

Hari om tat sat


Pure Yoga Hatha Intermediate level Cours
online & in person - Yoga courses

Yoga classes for the complete beginner, intermediate and more advanced student.  Drawing on the depth of classical Hatha Yoga the classes include asana (postures), breath awareness techniques, classical pranayama, mudras and bandhas and cleansing practices.  Incorporated into the class are a range of meditation techniques including the profound practice of Yoga Nidra – deep relaxation.

Private yoga Tuition

One to one classes are a powerful way to initiate change efficiently, to receive direct input that meets you where you are at and to benefit from ongoing mentor-ship and personalized guidance.

These sessions are held at my home yoga sanctuary overlooking the ocean at Long Bay/Torbay, North Shore, Auckland as-well as online via Zoom.

Email to book in: pureyoganz@gmail.com

events & workshops
auckland, hamilton, tauranga, whakatane

Customize your retreat package or book one of the specialized retreats or workshops covering a range of topics.  Yogic lifestyle immersion experiences and going deeper into the practices.  Yoga for stress management, adolesents, corporate, anxiety and depression, sports and fitness and enhancing creativity and wellness. Havan - Vedic fire ritual, for special ceremonies.

"It was just such an honour to be allowed the opportunity to learn from Pragyadhara. I see how much it is about our essence that we share as teachers. I was so grateful to receive this essence. The journey continues a bit lighter. Thank you!"

Alissa, teachers training graduate

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