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Meditation for Modern Minds

Meditation for modern minds 

Mondays ongoing - 6 - 10 Week Courses

17 April - 22 May

6.15 pm - 7.15 pm

​Online on Zoom and at Pure Yoga Home Studio, Torbay

$135 - 6 Week Course

$25 Casual attendance available

Bookings by email

Meditation for modern minds

Designed for all levels of practitioner this weekly course takes you on a progressive journey inwards building the essential skills of meditation. Even if you are a seasoned sitter you will stay gain from the depth of practice guided & informal mentorship.

Studio visits & trial classes welcome.

Mantra Meditation


Week One

Grounding - sensing, body awareness & stillness

Week Two

Letting go - The role of relaxation in meditation

Week Three

Pratyahara - Tools in the inner world

Week Four

The skill of the witness - observation & attention


Week Five

Reducing mental impressions through the witness

Week Six

Using a mala in meditation - bring yours to practice

Week Seven

Mantra based meditation - sound & resonance


Week Eight

Yoga Nidra as a form of meditation

Week Nine

Cultivating a personal practice

Week ten

Recap on the essential skills & course review

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