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2017, What a year it was!

2017 Will be a year to remember. Moving to the north shore in Auckland, further course design for Yoga teachers training programs, creating a 300 hour program that was approved by Yoga Alliance, U.S. Traveling to India to immerse myself again and expanding my Yoga offerings to the wider community through kirtan and mantra events. Whew…. I’m inspired… all thanks to my steady home practice and connection to my source of inspiration which brings me so much stability, strength, calm and inspiration. Grateful for the depth of the yogic teachings and to be able to share them with you. 2…… 0………1………7 2 - Professional expansions: Designing and leading the Teachers Training programs at both Kawai Purapura and Anahata Yoga Retreats & Delivering strong practice based learning as a Lead tutor on the Diploma of Yoga program run by Wellpark Natural Therapies College, Grey Lynn. Auckland. 0 - Tolerance to imbalance – Taking my sankalpa to a new level. It’s all about a daily self-practice. 1 - Trip to India that blew me away! Deepening practice and experience and maintaining the link with the tradition – parampara. 7 - Successful yoga courses and events through-out the year as a travelling Yogini spreading the messages of yoga for peace, wellbeing and health. Excited to be starting off the New Year with an Akhanda kirtan - a twelve- hour chanting extravaganza to infuse my resolve – sankalpa with the shakti of devotion. Then after two Yoga Teachers Trainings I will be a key presenter at New Zealand's International Yoga Festival at Kawai Purapura. Check out my offerings and come and share with me. At Voices of Sacred Earth Festival I will also be sharing sacred mantras and the transformational Vedic tradition of Havan.

Blessing for peace, prosperity and good health, Pragyadhara

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