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Unlock Your Potential with Yoga Nidra

Transformative Yoga Nidra Teacher Training in Auckland

Yoga Nidra Teachers' Training
Instructing Yoga Nidra

Ever wondered how to deepen your understanding of Yoga Nidra and share its gifts with others? Yoga Nidra Teacher Training might just be your next step. This is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in this ancient practice of relaxation while remaining aware (yogic sleep) while gaining the skills & confidence to guide others.

What is the Yoga nidra teacher training all about?

Often referred to as yogic sleep or psychic sleep, Yoga Nidra is a deeply relaxing practice that takes you to the edge of sleep, yet keeps your consciousness awake and aware. 

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training takes this a step further, equipping you with the communication skills & discipline to guide others. It's much more than a simple relaxation exercise; it's a progressive meditation into the depths of your Being. Each practice brings you in touch with deeper levels of the mind where our inner work lies.

At its core, Yoga Nidra Teacher Training offers a rich blend of theoretical and practical, experiential learning. It delves into the history and evolution imbued in this yogic practice, along with illuminating the modern scientific understanding of its restorative power.

An immersive experience of Yoga Nidra begins before you start the onsite component. The essential skills of meditation are interwoven with the Yoga Nidra teachings, giving you a more profound understanding and firsthand experience of the principles you'll be instructing & imparting.

Yoga Teachers' Training
Supportive Yoga Teacher learning environment

why choose our teachers' training?

Many current trainings have not bought out the true versatility of this amazing practice. Not only is it a relaxation tonic, but we take you into a much broader and deeper understanding of all facets of Yoga Nidra as imparted by the Bihar Yoga Tradition. Not only does it incorporate conscious relaxation but improves our ability to access the benefits of pratyahara and embeds the essential skills of meditation. We open the doors to a deeper experience well beyond its obvious restorative benefits.

  • Experienced Instructors: Learn from passionate teachers with a wealth of Yoga Nidra knowledge. Dedication to transmitting the profound benefits of Yoga Nidra in its totality - as restorative power and as a meditation practice.

  • Enriching Knowledge: Dive deep into the theory and philosophy behind Yoga Nidra. The intricacy of each stage and its progression through the subtle bodies. 

  • Practical Teaching Skills: Hone your communication and space holding skills with hands-on experiences and a nurturing mentorship program. This ensures you're confident and enthusiastic about leading others on their Yoga Nidra journey

  • Supportive Environment: Our learning environment acknowledges and respects your unique path. It encourages growth, self-discovery, and the embodiment of the principles you'll be teaching.

Core benefits of training with us

Cultivate & deepen Personal Practice

Your own practice will evolve through the course as well, and become a source of strength and energy in your life. Knowing how to effectively manage time & hold space, find balance and develop a deeper understanding of your own needs are some of the benefits you'll reap.

Solid roots & modern day expression

This practice is gold and what a gift to humanity it is. You'll learn about the rich philosophy that underpins Yoga Nidra which is steeped in the Yoga Tradition. You'll gain an understanding of how to adapt & guide the practice on multiple levels, from handling stress to encouraging self reflection to a daily meditation practice.  How this underpinning understanding informs our communication of the practice & relationship with it.

Amplify your teaching skills

Your teaching skills aren't just about reading a script, but facilitating a safe, grounded and potent experience. Facilitating change for others is a responsibility that we help you recognize, manage positively and learn from. You'll gain hands-on experience, teaching real Yoga Nidra classes under the mentorship of seasoned instructors, preparing you to step into your role with confidence.

In a nutshell

You're not just learning to teach, you're evolving your own practice, understanding Yoga Nidra's philosophy, and joining a community that supports each other. You're preparing to confidently guide others safely, consistently, building in progression with respect for the potency that this practice contains.

Learn more about our upcoming training here including dates and pricing.

Feel free to reach out with any questions by email -

We look forward to taking you on this journey.

Om shanti Pragyadhara

Sample your free Yoga Nidra practices with Pure Yoga here.

Leave a comment, and share your experience with the wonderful practice of Yoga Nidra!


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