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Connect with the light within - Guru Poornima

The connection with a spiritual guide or guru is a special and cherished one in an aspirants life. It is a connection that transcends the confines of space and time and enables us to connect with the benevolent forces within ourselves and nature. Each year, in July, the full moon marks the occasion known as Guru Poornima where the fullness of the Guru tattwa - element, is acknowledged, experienced and highlighted.

It is a special time in which to re-dedicate ourselves to continue with our yoga practice, to deepen our connection and to draw on the strength of the energy that is palpable at this time.

It is a time to become still, to sit with the renewed intention and to celebrate the goodness received from those guides, teachers and masters that embody and live the vision of yoga. The word guru means ‘by whose grace we are able to remove the darkness from our life’. I am truly grateful for all that my guru has shown, shared and imparted to me. He continues to be my constant source of inner strength and inspiration.

How to connect on this auspicious day

  • Light a candle and some incense, place a picture of your inspirational teacher, guide or guru and offer something like a flower or something beautiful from nature.

  • Take a moment for gratitude for those persons or teachers whom have come into your life and helped you grow in your understanding of yourself.

  • Sit quietly and chant the mantra aum for a few minutes then repeat the mantra mentally while tuning in and feeling the connecting with your inner guidance.

  • Take a photo of your guru or spiritual guide with you to work with you and use it as a reminder through-out the day of your sankalpa - personal resolve towards yoga.

  • Make an alter incorporating items of significance maybe an inspirational quote that you feel supports you in your yoga practice. Make it personal and meaningful to you.

I wish you all a special connection on this significant day. May the journey toward wholeness and expansion continue wholeheartedly. May you affirm the inherent goodness within yourself and others and the power of evolution that is always working for us, to elevate us from suffering and to enable us to experience, truth, auspiciousness and beauty - sat, chid ananda.

Aum shanti and blessings Pragyadhara

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