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Bhramari Breath

Quick and easy - Bhramari - the ‘calming bee breath’

This is of my favourite breathing techniques that is effective in calming the mind by drawing the normally fragmented attention inwards, naturally and easily. It induces calm by producing a relaxed brain rhythm cycle which correlates to the ‘relaxation response’. It's called the humming bee breath - in Sanskrit - Bhramari and is named after the Black bee. There must be a lot of calm bees out there. Its another little gem to insert in those moments where you need to centre yourself or quieten your mind in order to connect with a grounded sense of who you are. When we are in touch with these aspects we can gain clarity and insight and that can help us act from our authentic Self as opposed to a scattered or emotionally driven version of ourselves. Try it out. 7 long and smooth breaths focusing on the reverberation in the head region on each exhalation. Listen in and feel the shift as the sound shifts your mind-state.

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