Guru Poornima - The Fullness of Inspiration

Guru Poornima takes place during the full moon in July each year in which the connection with one’s source of inspiration in life is celebrated, reinforced and highlighted.

A guru is someone who emulates to us how to live life in accordance with the natural laws of auspiciousness, truth and beauty. Auspiciousness is feeling the force of the divine in your life, recognizing and experiencing grace. Truth is walking the path with courage to face yourself. Beauty is the outcome of effort and grace, it is the culmination of perfection in action, excellence in character – what the guru embodies.

Having a guru doesn’t mean that I no longer have a mind, personality, ego, decisions to make or a life to fully live. It means to live life with inspiration and purpose. This takes practice, perseverance and faith. An ongoing yogic practice sadhana builds the foundation and supports the growth of this relationship. It helps to create a condition of body and mind which is conducive to spiritual awareness and the attainment of spiritual awareness. I feel very fortunate to have found a guru, someone who epitomises the fullness of human potential and is both real as a human and also beyond human.

During Guru Poornima, we try to connect with the energy field of the guru, which is spiritual in nature. The word guru does not mean teacher or propagator. The word guru means ‘by whose grace we are able to remove the darkness from our life’.

The force of my guru in my life is tangible. His ongoing presence serves as a reminder of my dharma and path as an aspirant. The fact that I teach and share yoga is a by-product of this lifelong effort. The yoga practices and disciplines he has imparted, simplicity in living and motivation to continually improve are always with me. The teachings he imparts are there to help me stand firmly on my own two feet, no matter what life circumstances play out. It is an unending relationship which I will always cherish.

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