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The Balancing Breath - Nadi Shodana

I know I said that the 'humming bee ' breath is gold when it comes to inducing calm - well this one just has to be 'platinum' then. Here is another of my favorite breathing techniques that is effective in calming the mind by drawing the easily fragmented attention inwards, naturally and without relying on yet another stimulus to do it. Another little gem to insert in those moments when you need to move from a dissipated, scattered and inefficient state, towards a more harmonious and objective one. Not only do you have the ability to slow down and shift your mental and physical state but by cultivating a 'witnessing presence' you gain some amazing tools that help to face life positively. Here's how to go about it....

Place the fingers gently on either side of the nostrils and lightly depress the nostril on the right and breathe in the left nostril. For beginners repeat 5 natural breaths in and out the left nostril, 5 natural breaths in and out the right nostril and then, 5 easy breaths in and out both nostrils. Focus on the sensation of air moving in, up and through the nose. Pay close attention to the breath. The middle and index fingers rest lightly at the eye brow center. As you progress with the rounds this 'close attention' focuses the mind and then the practice begins to work its magic!

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