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Restore Your Energy In The Colder Months

Autumn is the time to take stock of our vital energy stores and move with the seasonal shifts into practices that embrace the inherent needs that this time brings. I would like to share with you a simple yet profoundly relaxing conscious breathing practice that will help to restore your energy in these colder months.

We all lead busy lives and time is such a precious commodity these days. We need to take time daily if possible to restore and replenish our energy. Natural Breath Awareness brings us in touch with our breathing processes and espescially our patterns related to how we breathe. How we breathe is intimately linked to the state of our nervous system and therefore our body systems and overall health. Breathing affects our posture, movement, ability to feel vitalized and confident to meet the challenges of life well. In this simple technique our energy/prana is restored through activating our restful state. Tuning into the natural rhythm of the breath is a powerful tool to start to dismantle any holding or tensions by firstly noticing them. As the breath is observed, naturally is slows down and the mind with its usual train of thought can come to rest on this simple sensation. To elicit proper relaxation the mind needs to also be relaxed and diverted from its usual pre-occupations. Natural breath awareness helps you to appreciate the fine mechanism we have within us that can easily help us to achieve homeostasis and balance once we are in touch with it. Extend this into your daily life by stopping in any moment and asking yourself - how am I breathing? You will notice the connection between your breathing and mental states more clearly. Introduce this simple practice using this free guided recording - in 10 minutes you will feel calm and relaxed and that you have done something positive to support your wellbeing. EnJoy!

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