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Let the Body Wisdom Speak

When I ask people what they would like to get out of a one day workshop many people express a need to relax, unwind, give back to themselves and spend more time in practice.

Many workshops fail to recognize the need for a focus on embodied practice – that being a decent amount of time spent and focused on practice - time to ‘feel, time to register and time for integration and reflection’. In this way the practices find their mark, or land within the body space and people find it easier to keep up with practice afterwards and have confidence to start or develop self- practice.

Often in workshops I have experienced there is a lot of emphasis on talking, lots of talking, presenting knowledge, showing power-points, youtube clips and discussion and then analysis and endless questions and lots of mental processing.

Before you know it this ‘fills the space’ and takes away from ‘experience informed space’.

As an educator for many years I am aware of the need for learners to access knowledge in a variety of ways, however, what has been exciting to develop and share is learning in a yogic way. Using the space of ‘pratyahara’. The change in brain activity, deeper states of relaxation and the awakening of receptive faculties is how the state of pratyahara works to expand self knowledge. This is one of the ways in which the subtlety of experience can be integrated. Once an experience awakens, then many questions are answered, theory confirmed and doubts drop away. As a result of more time in quality practice people come to their own realizations, learn to understand the concepts in an organic way, in a way that makes sense to them, but is grounded in the yogic process.

In a cerebrally driven society with so much going on in our heads – the loss or disconnection with physical intelligence has occurred. It is my aim through these workshops to claim some of that space back by giving you ‘time in practice’ to really absorb the effects and expand self- knowledge. To awaken the energy necessary to unblock patterns and to cultivate receptivity and self- acceptance.

Yoga Days with Pragyadhara These days are a way to expand your existing practice and knowledge. Explore new elements to incorporate into your practice like mantra chanting for cellular healing and vocal expression. Explore body/mind links through subtle body connections (chakras) and mind. Discover through direct experience the interrelationship between prana/energy, body and mind.

Om shanti - Pragyadhara

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